Kostantinos Mavropanos (27)


Big Mavro is ready. :boxing_glove:


Could be our savior… can’t be worse than Moose, no?


Blind faith?


That’s all I got, man.



Look at dem legs. He has been making all kinds of gains.


They just look like regular legs?


U all got thicc juicy legs in England? Where im from skipping leg day is the norm.


Is he starting tomorrow? I’d say yes at this point.


Doubt it. Mustafi Monreal very likely. We just don’t know what’s going on with Mavro. Maybe he’s been shit in training.


:neutral_face: Can Mustafi keep a clean sheet against Cardiff? :henry2:


I believe you think that is one leg.
Look closely those are two legs


And a camel toe inbetween


He finally got some minutes! :greece:


We didn’t concede with him on the field, you fuckers.


Not really sure why this guy isn’t starting over Moose, but I guess he is still coming back from injury. Would love to see Emery drop Moose and give him a go.


It’s one of those rare situations in which you wish @Phoebica was our manager


I actually thought he looked more handsome on the field today than that picture floating around on here some give him compliments for. Just saying


He made a gnarly sliding tackle on two City players.



Flying greek.


Should be ahead of Lolstafi :bellerin: