Kostantinos Mavropanos (27)


One reasonable performance and people are clamouring for him to start the biggest game of the season.

If he does and his error costs us the match there would be apoplectic rage directed at Wenger.


Our defence is so error prone that I think most people would understand if Wenger dropped one of our senior centre backs.


Fuck Europa


A kid comes in and plays one decent game and people now want him to be a starter, the state of our Centre backs haha.


Oh I get that, but even in such circumstances starting a lad with one appearance to his name tomorrow would be extraordinary.


Jesus, this guy has been put on a massive pedestal already.

The fans were having orgasms over everything he did today

Mavropanos has barged in Vokes: “Wooooooo”
Mavropanos passed the ball: “Yaaaaayy”
Mavropanos breathed: “Ohmyfdjkdhdbdjh”
Mavropanos has good hair: tears of joy



Lol it’s true tho Mav is a fuckin beassstt.


thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


Didnt take long to go from Hercules to Icarus.


Still young. That sort of moment was inevitable vs Leic. Two solid games followed by a rash mistake. Sounds like your typical young player.


Exactly. He is young and very raw. From playing football infront of a 7k capacity in Greece to playing for the first team against big crowds with pacey attacks back to back must have been a big transition for him.

I’ve seen him at U21 levels; and what thing I can say is that he is very composed on the ball; so it was really suprising to see him make such mistake; however, that mistake could be the foundation of him progressing as it is the case with many youngsters we have seen ie Song.

I am really curious as to how he does. I just hope the new manager can get the best out of Dinos, Chambers & Holding; all three have massive potential IMO.


Icarus? Nah. I want the Greek Boy to fly too close to the sun! One mistake is not going to make me instruct the sculptor to stop carving the statue :sunglasses:

All developing defenders make mistakes. Still plenty of positives to take from the two other games we’ve seen him in. His aggressive style is something our defence could do with, given how passive the rest of the team is at times.

With Per gone, Kos injured and Mustafi being as useful as a chocolate teapot, we’re left with a cluster of young inexperienced defenders – who, as we saw with Mav, will make mistakes no matter how comfortable they look.

We can either throw the dice with Holding, Chambers and Mav or bring in an established CB (an actual CB, not one impersonating a CB like Mustafi) to play alongside these guys. I don’t want to restrict the playing time of the likes of Chambers and Holding – and Calum and Mav did look alright together – but at the same time, it’d given them some protection.


Elite talent. Best defender at the club by a mile and will be a force ar THE Arsenal for centuries to come.


Red card in his third game?!

Sell the Cunt


:santi: I HATE YOU


Probably better than Beckenbauer and Baresi.

Better hairline too.


Well they played in an easier time. Those frauds never had to handle the big occasions like facing the 2015-16 PL champions away from home.



Baresi Lukaku injuries: 0

Beckenbauer Lukaku injuries: 0
Mavropanos Lukaku injuries: 1

It’s all stacking up for the GOAT


Everytime Hercules steps out on the pitch, i get tears in my eyes. Wonderful human being and the best defender i have ever seen. COYG


I think he’s made the least mistakes of any defender of the Wenger era too. Definite future captain.