Kostantinos Mavropanos (27)


Start him against Atletico. Fed up with those 2 clowns.




Also he injured Lukaku with a big boy challenge :joy:


Don’t you mean Sotirios Kyrgiakos?



:arteta: :arteta: :arteta:


Chambers and Mav were quite good together, you would’ve thought they’d get rinsed.


Luckily for him, he might actually develop into a good player now that Wenger’s coaching staff won’t be around to destroy any talent and natural defensive instincts he has.


Mavropanos is an absolute tank. Built like a greek god with the pace of Hercules. Give this man a proper coach and he will explode.


Don’t forget this is my boy Sven’s first official signing.


your boy? feeling a bit artificially haughty there arent you?


He is gonna be first choice next season, considering Kos is past it and hopefully Mustafi will be sold.


His name is Kos.

That’s fun.


Has to start Carabao games now surely.


He can take over the nickname Kos the boss


Well, for sure, but i think the new manager could give him a chance as first choice.



Captain Marvel?

Tom “Marvolo” Riddle?

Marv the guy who gets shot in the face by Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction. Vincent was memorably played by an inspired John Travolta and, together with Samuel L Jackson who played the enigmatic Jules Winnfield, created one of the most enduring and loved “buddy” duos in modern cinematic history. The dazzling combination of on-screen chemistry and charismatic, pithy dialogue mark these two characters out as arguably Tarentino’s finest moment as a film Director, despite the movie being made almost 24 years ago.


I hate that both DC and Marvel have heroes called Captain Marvel.

Gets real confusing, real quick.


Praying he starts tonight.


You mean tomorrow.


Poor MM is still not used to us playing on Thursday nights :cry: