Kostantinos Mavropanos (27)


With Sven being behind a lot of these new signings, he is like a new signing.


:wenger: Wenger knows!


Fixed :+1::wink:


But but as per forum it is Wenger who does the bidding and managing finances and all the stuff.


No it’s Wenger who signs off on first team transfers.


Mavropanos > Mustafi


Not that difficult, tbh :mustafi:


Lennie Small > Mustafi


Can’t take much from just this game but I like the look of him.

Has given a good account of himself.


So do I :wink:



:bellerin: What are you hinting? :mustafi:


He’s a bit out of my acceptable age range but you’re not wrong :sunglasses:

Playing Mavropanos was a relatively big gamble today but he’s come through it with flying colours, I don’t see why that shouldn’t earn him more auditions in the remaining league games.

Mustafi needs to be directly replaced in the summer but we have the youth at centre back ready to pair with an experienced new signing now


Let’s not overreact. Today is a nothing game really.


Yes, definitely give Mav more game time than Mustafi.

I’d argue that Mustafi has been Wenger’s worst signing since he’s been here. Worse than Reyes, Cygan, Stepanovs, Squillaci and that Scandinavian fella who done his back in after signing.


I think he had the back injury before he signed. Which makes signing him even worse, lol.


One game means nothing but glad he did well


Nah i’m on the hype train.

Calling it now. He’s the second coming of Paolo Maldini.


When you consider Mustafi was £35m and all the comedy players like Squillaci/Silvestre etc were cheap or free, I find it hard to disagree. Mustafi should be held to higher standards and has really not cut it


Very very promising debut. The guy was chucked in at the deep end at Old Trafford and was solid throughout. Him and Niles were the standouts.


Good debut from him.