Kostantinos Mavropanos (27)


Show me where he didn’t want the transfer?

Oh the quote that every WOB was raging about that was out of context ok. But since wenger is the supreme leader well it must be that way.


Image if we had discovered “the new Hummels”. Didn’t our new scout discover him as well?


I am pretty sure our scouts got praised for finding RVP Nasri etc.


I think our new one have discovered Hummels, Aubameyang and Lewandowski so that’s a damn good record.

I am missing the days where we were able to discover unknown talents.


By united and city when they landed titles for them.:sunglasses:


Touché my friend you are correct :facepalm:


I don’t think Wenger or any scouts can claim to have discovered RVP, or Nasr,i as they were already considered among the top young players in Europe, and the same goes for Cesc.

They weren’t plucked from obscurity, they were already well known.
Wenger deserves praise for buying them but he didn’t discover them.




Goes to show what i mean by being strongarmed. If he didnt even know he was gonna be signed (if that is true and to be believed) maybe that is what the snarky comments about Sven etc were about maybe Wenger feels like he is being messed with, also hence why he was gonna chuck him out on loan straight away because he was not one of his buys so didnt really want him and was like ‘well i didnt ask for him so off you go’ and maybe he was told no he stays here he is bought for the 1st team at least for back up for our minimal amount of fit CBs.


It means we are finally getting the power away from him.


Wenger did not know about this transfer, doesn’t mean Wenger has lost the power to do another transfer.

It was just the board doing something behind him, that’s it.
Wenger still has his usual power, as of now. Nothing’s changed.


Well, it’s still a sign that someone is trying to change the things. Would have happened in the past.


It will all depend if Wenger wants to stay or not.
Right now the sign is, he won’t.


So Wenger didn’t know he got signed and went from that to playing him in a cup Semi final within a week. No fucking chance that’s true.


Yeah. I find it incredibly difficult to believe Wenger had no idea we were signing him. Ridiculous lol



Think he will be loaned out on deadline day.




Sven da boss :kos2:


This is what we have been missing. A solid fucking connection to the market to get shit done. Cant believe people stil belittle the importance of a man like Sven.