Kostantinos Mavropanos (27)


It is the only thing Lord Unai is doing wrong atm.


He is not flying Luca, the picture was just perfectly timed while he was in middle of a jump.




When’s he expected to get some minutes?


When our games will become meaningless.


Tbf I did expect Mavro and Pleguezuelo to at least get some games by now.


Oh yeah! Because all the remaing games are meaningless :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Why did he get taken off? I missed some of the game so was a bit perplexed with that decision…


Perhaps can’t play a full game.

Not sure what to make of his performance, looked nervy but was some decent play as well. Won’t blame him for any errors.

Next season will be telling but it’s good to have another CB not named Mustafi.


I suppose he’s come back from a long layoff and he’s young so wanted to be cautious.


Defo looked nervy today, not sure if it was them or us that set his nerves off :rofl:


Well im not sure he is getting any more minutes this season being taken off here. Looked very nervous at times and can only think Emery doesnt rate him.
Whatever you think of Deeney it cant be good when you get subbed at half time when the main forward has departed the game.


That’s if it wasn’t down to fatigue, he looked spent by the time he came off.

And even if it was due to performance I don’t think it says too much since he’s been out so long, I suppose we’ll find out by next season.

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He’s only a kid that’s barely played so you can’t expect much, but if we’re calling a spade a spade he didn’t play well.


This kid has been massively overhyped by the fanbase, so a rough landing was coming.

His substitution however was purely tactical I thought. It was clear as day we we’re struggling in midfield, couldn’t keep possession and made countless mistakes. Watford had a man sent off - an attacker, so the extra body in defense we started the match with was replaced with an extra body in midfield, and naturally the least experienced one made way. It was a very logical substitution.


I think you’ll find there is actually a conspiracy against Mavro and, in fact, the entire nation of Greece at play here.


I don’t think we have overhyped him, our only requirement for centre halves these days is that “he has to be better than Mustafi”.


Why haven’t we employed traffic cones yet if that is true?


Not a lot to judge based off of the 50-60 minutes worth? of football he played. He naturally looked nervous and rash but you have to assume that.

Bit of a crucial period to be introducing such a player in and maybe that’s a confidence booster for the lad. I think we’ll see more from him in the coming games.


More like “is he not named Mustafi?”.