Kim Kallstrom A Great Monologue


No idea where to put this so made it its own thread. Not really for discussion but thought it was a brilliant piece from Kim about his time at Arsenal and it deserves to be read by as many people on here as possible and makes a change from the usual stuff. Click the link through on Reddit to read its entirety.

It really puts into context as well why players make moves to big clubs. 15minutes the best of his life and he made two apps. This is why players strive to move to the big clubs and also why I think criticism a lot face for it is often unjust.


Fantastic read that. Now like Kimi even more! Sounds like a good guy also.


Kim is a fantastic person irl and should be a big role model for younger players. So far from a diva you can possibly get. Wish we had him in his prime about 10 years ago.


Bring him back.


Lovely words from a lovely and unlucky guy.


Fantastic read, and we all know what was said at the time, we all thought he was a waste of time and in the big picture he was, but, he came in, done a job and done what was required of him, you can’t argue with any of that really.

Also, from hi point of view, he done what anyone who is ever likely to do in his position (except those ones that think they are bigger than anything), a club like Arsenal bang on his door and he took his opportunity, he knew he wasn’t going to all of a sudden become a first team starter, he knew he would be on the bench and his playing time would be limited at best, and fair play to him he accepted that and done his job, and scoring a penalty to put us in the final was a big ask, and he done it.

Fair play to hime and a great article.


Must have been such a devastating feeling to be on a verge of a move & be told that he has several vertebral fractures.


Not as devastating as learning that the only player your manager has signed in the January transfer window has vertabral fractures and wont play for 2 months !:campbell:


I won’t lie, when I saw the thread title, I thought we were going to have our first “Arsenal Premiership Reversal of the King” moment of the new site.

On Kallstrom, I was at Wembley when he tucked that penalty away in the shootout against Wigan, and he was worth signing for that alone :smiley: