Kieran Tierney (Signed and completed)

Don’t ever share this cunt like he’s some sort of source, we will reluctantly have to ban you


I was more curious as to whether we had actually signed Tierney rather than posting him as a source…please don’t ban me!

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Welcome Tierney to the club! Expecting this to be moved to the players section soon.

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Finally a small piece of good news

Tierney is an interesting player, a disciplinated LB who can guarantees protection and good end product on attack, but the current injury terrifies me a lot. Looks like a problem which could became cronic in the future.

Hip issues have a great recovery record in sports.
Heard he got a hernia too though.


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Apparently the reporter from the Scottish Sun who broke this latest news is close to the Celtic manager. But it seems BBC Scotland is confirming it as well. And Ornstein retweeted this.

Great news. I think this might be the most important transfer of the summer for Arsenal if it comes about. Nacho is past it, Kolasinac isn’t a left back and there’s nobody else. They need a defender. Maybe even more so than a center back (at least before Koscielny’s tantrum).


Come on Arsenal…we can turn this transfer window around…get these deals over the line!


On a day we bidded for Pepe, attempted to accelerate Saliba away from Spurs’ reach and then upped our offer for Tierney… We ended the up with diddly squat :laughing:

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that deal sounds fair enough, Celtic should accept and I reckon they will

The truth is £25 million is a fortune in Scotland. They can strengthen significantly with that kind of money, even paid in installments.

could buy all the players they want from the lower scottish teams, weaken them even more to make the league more 1 sided


£25 million is the figure Celtic want
ITKs also confident beforehand that this deal was still going ahead.

Let’s see. Please god may something good happen.


Not even God can help this club :laughing:

It’s a fair move, 25 mil in today’s market isn’t the worst, we could have spent all month trying to work in 5 mill of clauses that would never come to fruition but then again why the fuck are worried about 5 million. We’re rich af and need to stop acting like paesants.

I don’t know who started this culture of the poor little rich boy at Arsenal but we need to get rid of it and start flexing our strengths not promoting some false weakness.


Oh I think it’s pretty clear who started it and has continued it

So is the offer accepted or?

It’s Sunday so Celtic are all at Mass. They’ll get back to us later i’d imagine. :smiley: