Kieran Tierney (3)

There’s nothing captain material about that statement.


Employee makes public statement supporting his boss.

Give it a rest Arteta is shit and not amount of you peddling PR bullshit will change that.


He called Arteta a genius before too.

It’s incredibly cringe worthy.

Easy. Class recognises class.


Everyone gonna start turning on Tierney now??

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:joy::rofl: love how they wrote it down in a Scottish accent. “Heid” :joy:


Surprise surprise. 2 consecutive injury hit seasons at Arsenal, an injury hit last campaign at Celtic and now missing games at the Euros after not exactly playing a full packed season for Arsenal .

I do love the guy but his injury record is a worry.

Saying that how many games did he miss for us last season? Feels like a few but it wasn’t for long stretches

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This is the biggest game for Scotland today. At little niggle wouldn’t cut it.


Not training again today after he did light training yesterday.

Not his fault obviously and he’s probably gutted hes not playing for us but I’m so over him always missing games for injury ffs when he’s one of our key players for country and club


Still think if he left he would get a big club. Not as a regular starter but plenty of games in rotation. Probably help his fitness too.

Don’t push yourself Kieran, just focus on getting your body right, Scotland’s tournament will be over Friday night anyways.


Never lost at Wembley our Kieran. :wink:

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If Scotland win at Wembley tomorrow, I want Tierney to personally tear the goalposts down.

F’ckin hell I’ve spent the whole working day thinking it’s Thursday and it’s translated into this post :man_facepalming:


Instead, when Scotland took on the Czech Republic at Hampden Park on Monday, Tierney was confined to a hotel room near Darlington. A calf problem, which may also keep the defender out of Friday’s meeting with England, meant Tierney could not even travel to support his teammates as they slipped to a 2-0 defeat. He does nothing to mask his disappointment.

“I was gutted,” Tierney says. “I was so down. I stayed back and did rehab work. I was just so flat that day. I stayed back here trying to get fit for Friday and it was the longest day. It was a horrible day. Watching the anthem was amazing but what I was feeling inside was terrible. I wanted to be there so much. I wanted to help the boys out, wanted them to do so well and not being able to help was hard to take. I was just in my room. I had to do rehab all day and took an hour or two off just to watch the game.

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Don’t push yourself Kieran, be content keeping your Wembley stadium memories as cup wins over City and Chelsea, no point risking injury to get your arses handed to you by the poms.