Kieran Tierney (3)

This is just bollocks.

Mildly praising Tierney doesn’t make anyone blind to everything that is wrong with the club at the moment.

Ludicrous to label the fanbase as being “the worst by miles” over this totally insignificant thing.


I think Arsenal fans are just happy that someone showed a modicum of passion and fight in what looks to be an otherwise spineless team.

Think you’re far off the mark with your assessment of the fan base.


To be sent off as Pèpè? No thanks, I prefer players who play football on the pitch.

So does everybody else mate. I think you’re inventing a thought pattern that not a single Arsenal fan has.


I’m seeing so much debate about how great Tierney was and only few people are trying to understand why we’re so shit.

Yeah but all you’re seeing is a few people that are relatively pleased to see a moment of fight. But every single one of those people is undoubtedly angry and disappointed with the state of on pitch affairs.

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Oh I get it now. Yeah, definitely the worst fanbase in history. Never mind the fucking fascists knocking about at Lazio or Chelsea games, its Arsenal fans who are the real cunts for mildly praising a player for showing a little bit of fight.

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Please, my words are connected with football, not other things.

But you can’t excuse the other vastly more serious things other fan bases are connected to just because it doesn’t entail footballing matters? How does that even make sense?

Another Wenger fanatic. Great :roll_eyes:

If we can cash in, great.

Gives our new manager a war chest

KT is just a beast.


He’s such a throwback. Love it.

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Haha it was such a bad look :laughing:


Says a lot about how the game has changed that these days all you have to do to be a hard man is wear shorts while training lol


And I’ve never seen a keeper concede more goals between his legs than him, almost as if the softer material had less friction…

TBF for a Scotsman 5 degrees is practically summer time.

I miss when keepers wore caps

Reason no. #257 why modern football sucks


Ya know what, I see the issue now. Tierney is such a hard man, and so passionate for the shirt, because he went after that Leeds player after the match. He’s future captain material. (White Colonist)

And when the brown North African kid does the same months prior he was instead called immature, cunt, get the fuck out of our club, ect. Sounds about white OA :+1::+1:

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