Kieran Tierney (3)

Feel sorry for the lad, surrounded by a few spineless cunts but yeah chief of which is defo xhaka

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Bruh in Arteta’s Arsenal this kind of behavior gets you sent on loan to the minnows of Germany. Guendo tried to confront the guy who fucked Leno’s ankle for 6 months and was roundly criticized for it iirc :joy::joy:


Well phrased lol

I don’t think that’s why he was sent on loan.

Its hyperbole. My point is that Guendo has a fiery attitude and actually gives two fucks on the pitch. He went after the cunt that injured our keeper and was criticized for it.

Pashun is overrated. Pashun got Pepe sent off today. I know it’s fetishized in the English media but sometimes you just have to be smart.

Wasn’t he criticised for saying he earnt more money?

I don’t know how that’s really sticking up for Leno lol

Erm no. English pashun is not that fucking timid. Joey Barton is a thug but he wouldn’t embarrass himself with anything that poor.


Xhaka is so repulsive.


Didn’t he stab someone in the eye? Or am I making that up?

To be clear, when I say “pashun” I mean someone acting like a dumbass. Passion is something completely different imo.

Xhaka = Pashun

Weak ass headbutt = Pashun

The 50 Shades trilogy = Passion

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Think he poked someone in the eye with a lit cigar iirc

Joey Barton also couldn’t handle the Scottish Premiership lol.

That sounds pretty bad. I just always associate him with doing a weird French accent during a press conference.

Barton isn’t even a pashun merchant he’s just a scumbag cunt.


Well on course for the inaugural 50-like post with that one, lad

Maupay is the one who injured Leno, shouldn’t even have been on the pitch the dirty cunt. Seriously its a perfect example of the fuxked it rules. Very clearly Maupay shoved him while in the air and took him out of commission for a good few weeks. So anyways Geundo targeted him the rest of the match talking shit to him, then Maupay scored the winner against us. Guendo went after him after the match and grabbed his neck. His emotions got the better of him, but not a whole lot different from the situation with Tierney.

I really liked this guys game again for the most part, if we don’t improve dramatically in the next couple of seasons I’d suggest he’ll be off.

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  • 11th place
  • the team play shit football
  • no creativity
  • fifth worst attack of the league with nine goals scored
  • less points than last season under Emery

…but fans are so happy to see Tierney against Alioski. Arsenal have the worst fanbase by miles.

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