Kieran Tierney (3)

Bidding starts at 50m you oil cunts


Pure fabrication. Could happen but nobody’s got in touch with Newcastle and then leaked it out.

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I can’t wait until they bid £10m for him and we’re all fuming only for Tienery to be sold for £15m because Edu

Tierney is 25-30m at worst in today’s market. Any lowball offers can fuck off.

Ultimately I’d much rather keep him though.

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Champions League Group Phase will be a tough cookie next season. Would be great having two settled in left-backs at our disposal.


Arteta will probably feel that he can replace Tierney for 25-30m. He may feel that he already has in Tomiyasu.

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Number one option for a state funded club should be more than £25m thanks


Oh gtfo. Bonesaw FC should absolutely be paying double that if they want domestic players.

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Typical media bollocks. If Edu can’t extract more than 25m out of Newcastle he can pack up his grill and fuck off back to Brazil.

As if anyone at Arsenal has told anyone that 25m figure. If you start negotiations by making public the minimum fee you’d accept you immediately put a cap on the maximum fee you’ll be able to get.


Unless of course you’re Shakhtar.

I would suggest that Mr @ScottWilsonecho actually knows jack shit

I think we should expect to make a profit on him but not a huge one. In a Europa League side he looked fantastic, in a title challenging side he has had clear limitations.

If Cucarella is going for £60m I’d want at least £40+m for the Scottish version of him


Tierney is 5x the player that turd is…and he is far from elite himself.

Looked exceptional when he came on. Fair play. Got one assist and could’ve gotten another one. Some really top notch defending too.


Whatever helps get him out the door in the summer.

You must be the only person who actively wants him to leave lol.


We’ve moved beyond him, he must surely want out and this summer is the best time to get a good fee for him.


You want to cancel MOTD, you want to sell Tierney - what next are you going to want to cancel Christmas as well? :joy: