Kieran Tierney (3)

Fulham comes in they want to pay £1.5m paid over 25 years.

Amicable ending.

We’ve moved on and he won’t be happy being a backup.

Hopefully leaves with another league title for his collection :smiley:

Tony Khan thinking he’ll have to sacrifice signing random indy jobber Kris “Chicken Nugget” Sommers because he has to pay 1.5m to Arsenal for Tierney.

Hopefully. He’s good lad.

I hope not I really like having him around


Newcastle would be a shout.

Serie A loves Scottish defenders so maybe there also. Would be a great move if so

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Sad, but inevitable.

Do we have someone from the academy to go as backup LB?

Lino Sousa looks really good but he won’t be ready for a meaningful role in the first team by next year.

Unless someone gives us 40m+ he won’t be going anywhere I reckon.

I thought this too :pensive:

Yeah, that aged brilliantnly…


He is one of them isn’t he?
Swear I’ve seen him captain us before.

This makes sense. I wish him well at Leicester ;).

Me too and this makes no sense unless we buy another LB as cover. He is under contract and hasn’t managed to play every game in the last few seasons due to injury so in reality he still has the same game time. Tierney does give us different options so we shouldn’t cash in. Plus CL next season so will need to rotate in key positions.

Transfer priority in the summer is midfield (x2) and a winger (now we have bought a LCB to cover Gabriel).


I hope not, I’m actually enjoying having quality cover in defence for the first time in god knows how many years.


I like the guy and still think he has a role to play. Zinchenko has had his injuries this season as well.


Been shitting on him a lot recently but I thought he was great today. Mahrez kept silent and was part of the reason we kept troubling them from the left.


He didn’t have a bad game but his limitations in terms of what we need in our system are clear to see. Happy enough with him as our backup though.


Tierney gave a decent performance, but he’s not Zinchenko.