Kieran Tierney (3)

Trust me, bad won’t do it justice.

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No, he’s been poor but not as bad as most people are making out. Some people just love a scapegoat I guess and it’s Tierney’s turn this season


Yeah not sure what everyone is watching here. He’s been average like the rest of the team. :joy: not all this hyperbole

I like KT but I reckon his days are numbered. Very effective, traditional fullback but he doesn’t have the skill set to be the hybrid 8 here.

Newcastle can have him for £40m. Should be a few suitors anyway.


If we can get around 40m for him the transfer would have been a huge sucess.

Think he will want to leave in the summer. Not playing is not for him as seen in the amazon doc. He has been first man on the teamsheet all his career and i dont think he can adapt to being 2.

Has him leaving been mooted? Well on board with that idea if so.

wasnt RM meant to be in for him a while ago some people quoting £50m or some crap

Let’s get him a PL and EL medal and hope that can put his price up.

Feel like he’s had enough good games for us that we can sell him for good money.

25 years old, PL winner, PL proven, British. 40m guaranteed.

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Don’t think there’s any chance we sell him tbh.

Why are we against having Tierney as a backup left back?

The boy ain’t good no more.

Really harsh comments about Tierney. He remains and important player for us IMO. Zinny has been amazing but we need the strength and depth in the squad. Having both of them means we should be able to get through a whole season without having a crisis at left back.

I would be 100% against selling Tierney.


I want Tierney to stay. Good backup, experienced, hard working and a likeable lad.


Don’t think anyone’s advocating for hin to be sold now. Once the summer comes though he should be made available.

He’s been getting poorer by the month the past 2 seasons. The team is also going away from traditional fullbacks. He’s been struggling a lot trying to replicate what Zinchenko does.

I low-key want him to go elsewhere just so he can find himself again because a couple years ago he was one of my faves in a very poor Arsenal side.

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I think Tierney is a very good left back. I would sell him in the summer as he doesn’t really fit our style of play.

I don’t doubt he can still be good for us, if he’s given a streak of games. But he isn’t at the moment and you can almost see how nervous he is when having the ball. He needs confidence. With that said he ain’t getting that rn and Arteta doesn’t rate his passing game I guess. If we get a good fee I think he should take it.

If this is correct. He signed a 5 year contract in 2019.

So if we are to sell him it would have to be this summer. As to me he isn’t the kind of player that is happy with a cheerleader role like Holding is

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