Karl Hein


As expected, Karl will be our 3rd choice keeper next season.

Or second choice if this American dude is total garbage

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Got half a chance of surpassing Turner from what we’ve seen so far…

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Until then, one might say that Karl is beHeined Turner.



Calling it now, his thread won’t cross 100 posts by the time he leaves.

That depends on you really :thinking:


It only needs about 50 posts from everyone else as you’ll take care of the rest :wink:


I would ban myself if I was mod and reference spamming as the reason.

I reckon he’ll prove to be better backup than Turner.

Bold call without heinsight


I think we’ll easily pass the Heindred mark.


Why rush moving to Former Gunners, we’re still trying to extend him. :rofl:

Is it an educated guess?

Misread the list. Ah well too late now. Thanks for whatever Karl.


Inaki is apparently keen to keep him so you may be moving it back soon. :rofl:

So we could potentially lose three GK’s this summer.

I wonder who our new no.2 will be.

Yeah, it’s why I’m not that keen on letting Aaron go, especially not early in the window.

Raya hasn’t even been made permanent yet. :rofl:

Still a Gunner.


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Weird decision from him. I get why we don’t want the hassle of finding a backup backup keeper if we’ve not got one in the academy.

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It is from his side but for us I don’t think it about not wanting to do the leg work. But finding a 2nd and 3rd keeper isn’t easy and would cost more. For me, well done to the club for convincing him to stay. Not going to question it with other keepers already gone and a good possibility of a Ramsdale going too. Good chance we may need to still hit the market for one.

I wonder if there’s also a Runarsson scenario(who was brought in as #3) here where he ends up being our #2 for the season.