Kai Havertz (29)

Sure, but that doesn’t mean he is as technically proficient as Lahm, Kimmich, Zinchenko & Bernardo Silva

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Being technical is not just about dribbling or passing.
I don’t see how Kimmich or Zinny could hold the ball up or knocking the ball down in anyway close to Kai.

About passing, Kai showed he was able to make killer passes, but he is just not adventurous enough so far for Arsenal.

Sure but that’s not the point I was making. My point was that being pushed to play as a left back doesn’t mean you’re technically devoid.

Do you think that was the case with Havertz yesterday?

Yeah, he played some really good passes yesterday but I do agree he definitely hasn’t shown that at Arsenal.
However, I don’t recall that being a quality of his at Chelsea either except a few occasions (mainly in the CL).

He does seem to perform at a higher level for Germany. Mind you, I don’t watch Germany’s games frequently but whenever I did he always looked like a completely different player to the one I saw for Chelsea.

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His career and general developemet as a player is in such a strange place atm. I hope it turns out OK (for our’s/Arsenal sake).


I didn’t see the match but I do think Havertz is a technically devoid player based on what he has shown in Arsenal shirts. He can hardly dribble in a straight line or maintain possession under pressure.

He has shown very basic of footballing skills and if there is a choice of selecting more technically proficient player like say Trossard, I will play Trossard in attacking positions and push Havertz behind him


It will, I’m sure of it.

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When we were signing him I thought he was a player who was supposed to bring some extra, additional technical quality and advantage, especially compared to Xhaka. But it turns out he’s in a very similar bracket with Xhaka regarding technicality, skills etc and he’s probably the most limited player in our whole starting XI regarding that and actually hinders us in that aspect atm.

The only way he can improve is if he becomes quicker and smarter in his decision making, he wont improve his skills at this stage.

I’m quite bemused when nowadays I read or hear comments (not just here) about highlighting his supposed technical quality etc.
You could talk about that back in his Leverkusen days, or even in his early Chelsea days. But he’s so average and basic in that regard nowadays it’s just silly… Even when he’s not under pressure often it takes him too long to get the ball under proper control, in some very basic situations. Not to mention him doing some special moves, dribble etc, I can’t even imagine him doing that now.


Find you f**** position on the pitch first! :tierney2:



So he’s played everywhere but as an LB for us and Chelsea, but gets picked to play that position for Germany? Are they struggling to find half decent German LBs.

I guess he’s just much better defensively than he is offensively.

So you’re telling me we bought a £65m third choice LB :santi:

pretty much haha! :rofl:

From one #10 to the other.

On the contrary William, they are trying to squeeze him into the first 11 because of his talent. Otherwise they’d just stick any average left back there.

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Kai Havertz is Ben Simmons.

Looks good on paper but something’s missing.

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Him getting moved to LB isn’t really something to be proud of as an offensive player lol

People can spin it however they want though. Zinchenko isn’t really a leftback but he plays back there for us. Alexander-Arnold isn’t a defender at all but really exploded playing at the back. Even Gareth Bale broke through playing further back. Joao Cancelo isn’t a defender at all and when he isn’t thirsting for human blood, he plays in the back line.

So you could have some juego de posicion wieners hailing this as some sort of tactical breakthrough, but it just seems like something random the NT coach wanted to try out.