Jurrien Timber (12)

I have seen very few individual age worse than Courtois. He is just 31. Drink some water.

A torn ACL is such a serious injury though. The repair and strengthening phases aren’t going to be sped up a great deal regardless. Obviously expert around the clock treatment is going to be better than the NHS, but the point being made is being of crutches looks great but in reality I means little.

Good luck pal haha. Almost spat out my coffee :arteta:


Courtouis is also a big nosed nonce

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Positive signs.
I think he should start against Spurs next weekend.


That would be considered a Platinum healthcare plan in the States though. Be grateful.

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Whoa that’s a lot sooner than expected, crikey

Nice but I’ve ruled him out for the season mentally :smiley: , to prevent any new disappointment.

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He’ll be back from the ACL quicker than Partey returning from a “knock”

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February would be insanely quick to come back from an ACL injury. So much so I’d question whether it would be sensible to try to do it in that timeframe.

Very risky to bring Timber back in February after tearing through his ACL. I’d rather just leave him out for the season unless we’re absolutely desperate.

But they need to be careful, like with Saliba’s back — would rather he gets to full fitness rather than rushes back and does it in again :sweat:

Built different. He’s got that Logan healing factor.

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I’ve seen this claim floating around twitter but never any real sourcing. I think it’s bullshit, unfortunately.

Even if he’ll be fully recovered he shouldn’t be risked so soon after a major injury. Let him heal and reintegrate him in the summer.

If we need defensive cover we should get a player on loan in the January window.

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The comeback videos wont even be at teaser phase by February.

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I’m still not getting my hopes up.

It’s absolutely possible to see him back in february/march of everything goes the right way… But as Arsenal fans especially, too often we saw set backs happening in latter phases of recovery, very often when players are just about to be back on the pitch, or are in full training… That’s a whole different story to this inital phase, no one can really predict anything atm and tell how will his body react when he’s back in full training.

I’m happy to hear it’s going well but all I want is to see him back at his best no matter how long it takes, and hopefully withouth recurring injuries tied to this one.

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if he can come back and play in Februaray/March, which means he pass all his test and training.
Obviously he will not play unless every clear.

No need to rush him back, just give him a bit more time.

The fastest recovery I can remember from this surgery was Zlatan, who made sub appearances 7 months after surgery and started a match 8 months afterward. He then suffered another (minor) knee injury.

Most guys come back to training earlier but aren’t seriously in contention to play matches until 10-12 months.

Bentancur at Spurs is about 7.5 months out right now and he still isn’t back in even light training with the first team.

I really don’t see Arsenal risking Timber’s career to try to rush him back. They’ll let him fully recover and try to build him up during pre-season so he is ready to contribute as a fully member of the squad next August.