Julio Baptista

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I know he isn’t remembered too fondly by most but his talent was so much higher than what we saw.

Spent too much of his career being played out of position and suffering with injury issues. But I was so excited for this signing, just came too as we hadn’t yet fully transitioned to a 4-2-3-1 where’d he’d have flourished or a proper 4-3-3

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Was awful for us bar That 6-3 game against Liverpool we’re he was unbelievable lmao, in that one Game it looked like we were watching prime Brazilian Ronaldo in his Inter days lol, Baptista scoring four, hell Alladiere running rings round Liverpool, then Drogba ruined it all in Final at Cardiff. Plus Reyes was a far better Footballer.

He was an exciting signing, even if it was only on loan but ,he never seemed to adjust to the PL, although you could tell he was a classy player.

I saw him at The Emirates and when he had the ball, he always had time on the ball and was very composed.

He can definitely be described as a player who didn’t reach his full potential for us.

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