Julian Draxler


It’s out of question we should a winger for me, but Draxler has too many question marks,


I have more question marks on Ox, Walcott, Iwobi, Perez, Santi (health), Gabriel, Chambers, Welbeck…


Bouhafsi :open_mouth:



According to RMC Wolfsburg supposedly wants closer to 40 million euros. That’s a bit much for a talent with questionable mentality like Draxler.


A 28-year old Lucas Perez cost you 20, and you are tight fist on a 23-year old talented German international?
40m euro is nothing absurd, I even say it is below market value.

If Wenger is such a good/great coach, he should be able to fix the mentality problem, if there is.


Just because we have mediocre players and have made other questionable transfers in the past, it doesn’t mean this is a gamble we should take. Even in this crazy market 40 million euros is still a lot of money for a gamble.


First, we have the money to gamble. This is not a gamble that will make us broke if the experiment fail.

Second, no doubt Draxler is talented and has high potentials. You don’t see this kind of players available in the market with a reasonable price. To concern his mentality, I’d say better to concern our attacking players’ final third ability is more realistic.

Third, this transaction give us morale boost, at least we are making Ozil happy, and give him more reasons to sign the extension.

You use the word “mediocre” to describe Ox, Theo, Iwobi, but never on Draxler.


Wasn’t Bouhafsi outed as a mouthpiece for agents already?

The idea of Ozil “pushing” for the deal to happen sound like ripe BS too


Go on Mesut :ozil:


If Özil really is pushing this deal then get it done pronto. What Mesut wants, Mesut gets!


I guess I don’t rate him as highly as you do. I would find it a bit underwhelming to spend, probably, close to half of our transfer budget on Draxler.


Sign draxler, sign Ozil. DO IT.

I give no fucks as to how much he costs. We have money.


“Hey, Monsieur Wenger sign zis guy Durhaxler or I’m off. OK? Sehr gut. Dankeschoen”?

I always wonder how those “x player urging y manager to sign player z” conversations go. :thinking:


Think the “Ozil pushing” part was worded badly by GFFN, I believe Bouhafsi meant Ozil has spoken with Draxler. He’s also said PSG are determined to sign him & will get rid of Jese.


Is he much of an improvement on what we have, and is he the player we need to replace Sanchez out wide.

Personally I would prefer Reus, but if Draxler is better than Walcott, Chamberlain, Welbeck or even Ramsey, who sometimes plays in that position, then why not?
It can only be his injury record that makes Wenger reluctant to buy him.

They want a lot of money for him, but we could easily get 20-30m for one of our under performing, often injured players, to fund the move.

Saying all that, it’s not going to happen.


It likely won’t happen for the simple reason it’d kill off or at least derail the careers of chosen ones such as Chamberlain who is effectively a bust at this point but will persisted with until Wenger is gone.

I really do like Draxler though he’s immensely talented, two footed, tall, quick, versatile, intelligent and possess a great deal of technical ability. I think he’s got exactly what it takes to excel in the PL, normally a talent like him would be swept up by top clubs with more money to spend.

The difference with someone like him is you can see everything “clicking” allowing to consistently play at a high level and for that reason he’s worth a punt for sure.


Didnt they just fucking buy him recently?


And I would prefer Neymar, but perhaps we should stay on planet Earth with our throwaway preferences. Draxler is viable, an attainable option.


That won’t be the reason it won’t happen. I think that Wenger and the board known they are going to lose either one of Özil or Alexis. Draxler will come in handy especially considering we will probably be losing Alexis.


Go rinse your mouth out!