Julian Draxler


I didn’t see that. That’s my bad.

But Draxler for all his inconsistency offers so much more than Ox does so I’d rather take the plunge and bring someone who can actually play as a wide man and a number 10 with equal quality than someone who is just so disgustingly average wherever he plays.


Being better than the ox is one thing but is draxler that “top top top” class player we’d want to spend decent money on though?

If we spend big money on a player it’s because wenger is convinced that player solves the problem, does draxler solve the problem? Or just a tonic for being better than the ox/iwobi.

Seems a coin flip as to whether his career goes Ramsey direction or De Bryune direction to me. But then I havent watched a single game for myself just going on what I’ve read and heard.


Bang on. I love the lad, but he is sh*t and we need improvement on the wings badly with Sanchez firmly establishing himself at striker.


If Theo got 10 years to prove his worth, then so will Chambo.

Theo, Ox and Ramsey were invested in at a very young age. As long as these guys stay fit, they’ll never be left out of the squad.

Draxler should be bought as an addition to the squad. Stockpile these fuckers and watch the cream rise to the top.


The one thing going for this transfer is Wenger’s previous interest in him. If Wolfsburg do follow through with their proposals this January, and a good price, there is a chance Wenger might go for it. It just means he’ll have to let someone go permanently in the summer. I think he’d bite the bullet with Ox and be done with him if Draxler was the immediate swap, no question.


I think if Wenger knew about Draxler’s potential availability in Jan in the summer, despite the firm stance of wolfsburg, he never pulls the trigger on Perez tbh


My understanding is they are two relatively different players. Draxler being more of a midfielder than a forward?


I see both as wide forward with the ability/potential to play up front.


If Ox’s current form continues, no way Arsene is giving up on him.

The other factor is we might be losing 1 or both of Ozil and Alexis. It makes sense to sign Draxler as a contigency plan if we suspect that’s the case.


I’d like to think Wenger remembers how bad last season (the whole season!) went for Chamberlain. This is the spring of new form for him, dishing out contracts based on a patch of decent form would be negligible given the improvements you could potentially add. Alas, it’s speculative at this point. And oh, there we go, a new piece from Arsene:

“I want Oxlade-Chamberlain to stay. I brought him here at a young age, I think he’s developing well.

“This season he is making steps, he’s moving forward, and when you invest so much time and work in a player, I think the player loves it here, he’s integrated with the qualities we want him to have … overall I want him to stay.”



No Draxler has been best as a number 10 (his best season) and hasn’t played as well on the wing for the most part unless I’ve missed it. He’s never played as a striker and the idea of ‘converting’ him is unlikely given he needs consistency in his actual position.


Draxler’s a huge talent but like Ox has been disapointing in not being able to put it together. He hasn’t played as well wide as he did at number 10 in his breakthrough season


We’re talking in the context of him moving to Arsenal aren’t we? It’s more likely he’ll be utilized as a wide forward consistently instead of a AM if he ever moved here.

I think there’s a reason why this thread is full of Ox v Draxler comparision


During the Euro’s he was utilised out wide and was very good.

Whether it’s as a #10 or as a wide player he can perform.


^^^ THIS, sums up Ox’s career with Arsenal. Just plain stupid to keep a bang average player and ignore a talent like Draxler.


Probably, unless Ozil is sold or injured.


What a hipster.



Psg are so boring.


If it is just 30m, we should go get him. Get us a morale boost, get us a good player