Jose Antonio Reyes


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Lol @ this news though.


Bit weird. I thought Pires had this ‘position’ locked down?

Reyes doesn’t strike me as a guardian figure.



Literally the last thing I would ever have expected when opening a thread about Reyes.

Waste of talent though. One of the rare times Wenger really pushed the boat and spent big money (I remember his fee had potential to rise to like £17m at the time) and he had such a strong start to his career.

He was actually one of my favourite players back in the days too.


Raging that he never delivered on his promise, there was a time when I thought we had the better deal than United when comparing him and Ronaldo ffs.


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Nostalgic moment of my life when I saw him in a place in High Barnet called Tally Ho Discount, the equivalent of a poundshop, and I was in complete awe haha.


I love his name
Rolls off the tongue nicely


With the correct double R right? Just how @AbouCuellar likes it :kos2:


That performance against Chelsea in the cup, got me so hyped about that guy. He’s the only player I ever got a name on the back of a shirt of :facepalm: Initially promised so much at the beginning, but the homesickness put paid to any long term plan with him. He never got close to being the player he should’ve been.

Interesting appointment nonetheless.


Is there a double R?
I take my words back. I can’t do double Rs


@shamrockgooner #bootcut




I thought he was a top player. There was a general feeling that he was “finished” after Gary Neville shamelessly fouled him continuously at Old Trafford. I think it made him stronger. He made Pires’ position his own and he still chipped in with some important goals.

Scored the winning goal against Spurs to delay Chelsea winning the league, got himself sent off by fouling Ronaldo in the Cup final and he bad mouthed Ashley Cole for wanting to leave Arsenal in the way that he did. All worthy of semi legendary status


Know they were popular back then but still :face_vomiting:


The shoes? Or the tucked in collar?


Back in the days when we had the most good looking squad in the league - by a country mile - Reyes was right up there

Decent at football too. A classic victim of the media-fueled narrative bought by stupid people that he didn’t like it here because the defenders tackled too hard etc. He actually had the potential to do very well here


Simon Cowell wants his jeans and shoes back

I mean look at them bastards they are even touching the ground!! :confounded:


Seems like yesterday we signed him. Pity it didn’t quite work out


If he can help players can learn from his experience and not get duped by radio hosts pretending to be the Madrid president, then I’m all for this.

Motivation though… This guy was a bit of a lil bitch, such a homesick mummies boy, but I guess he might have grown up since and have something to offer.

Very bizarre on the surface this one.