Jonathan David

Laca also doesn’t possess a killer instinct in the penalty area. His movement in the box is very average, that’s why his goal output is so underwhelming every season.

He’s very good at lots of things right up until the point you need your CF to be stood in the right spot and shoot, which to be fair is a big fucking deal


Poor Laca gets murdered in every thread these days lmao


Ain’t that true.

Dusan Vlahovic this.
Alexander Isak that.
How about Jonathan David blud?

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13 goals in 37 in the French league doesn’t look appealing to me.
Plus, Canadians play soccer and that’s enough reason for me to not buy this guy.

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And he’s already on 12 this season(halfway through the season), if anything that shows improvement.

Does he take pens?

I don’t recall him taking any whenever I’ve seen him.

Edit: Looks like he scored 2 pens this season in Ligue 1. He must’ve taken penalty duties this season.

Edit 2:
Here are his penalty stats.

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we will dither and end up with Rashford and Laca or some shit.


F’n hell, what a goal!

This kid ain’t normal.

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0:27 I had to do a double check on the shirt name.

Maynor Figueroa playing at 38 years old in the MLS and for the National Team. A whopping 179 Caps.


That’s awesome.

I was expecting the Lille price to be a lot more than that. My extensive YouTube scouting says it’s a good deal.


My farmers League knowledge says we can wait till the season is over and really think if he’s good enough.


Feels like 9 times out of 10 when a player has a price tag on his head in the French league of about £50m it’s a trap.

It’s like the English league tax everyone has a shit fit about yet at least with that you know the player at the bare minimum has the athleticism to handle the pace in England. I genuinely have to laugh everytime I think about how we paid all that money to watch Lacazette run about like the fat kid at the park

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He better be faster than Lacazette and have at least an engine to last 90 mins


£46m is peanuts for a club like us

Pull the trigger on this absolute don and offer Lewandowski £700k a week for 5 years and we’re winning the treble