John Jacob Yakuboy (5)

Only way I see this is a swap deal for one of our players.

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Maybe they’ll take Xhaka


Do people seriously think clubs are talking to one another about transfers right now when they are asking the current players to take a wage cut?

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if transfers continue, what happens if another Emiliano Sala incident occur?

There will be preliminary stuff but without any guarantees of a football season for 20/21 they won’t be anywhere near meaningful.

It’s literally come straight from the player’s mouth, though. You think he is lying?

Teams still need to plan for the future, so I wouldn’t be surprised if talks are going on behind the scenes. Maybe not as much as the papers will have us believe. But I see no reason why clubs can’t make plans/test the waters etc.

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Of course players/agents/clubs are discussing transfers.

To be fair, it’s been suggested before that regardless of if the Arsenal interest was true, Partey and his agent were using it as leverage during his contract talks with Atleti.

This will only happen if we shithouse CL qualification based on that EL final last season.

Btw, I will cackle like a madman if that does come to pass.

This guy is made for the EPL, absolutely bullied Liverpool’s work horse midfield.

Hasn’t it come from straight his dad’s mouth?

I don’t know how you can think otherwise, unless you think no players are going to change clubs in the next window?

I’d have thought when there’s no football going on would be the perfect time to phone up other clubs and players. It seems to be how football has always worked. What else are Raul and Edu going to be doing at this time?

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New Star Soccer probs


But who told the dad?

@Electrifying or there are some unexpected sales on the horizon.

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That’s my point. It isn’t straight from the players mouth, it’s from his dad. The players own word carries more weight than that of a relative, its not like there isn’t a history of players relatives and representatives talking shit about transfers and contract situations.

If it was from the players mouth I’d really sit up and pay attention. This very much just fits in the category of “noise” for the mean time.

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More likely to get a payrise than come to us - hope im proved wrong tho !?

I just want him to join so I can say, in a rough Bruce Willis accent:

“Welcome to the partey, pal!”


@DavidHillier chance!

@DavidHillier GOAL!


Well done friend.

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