Joel Campbell: Fuck Out


Probably reasonable sarcasm but if you haven’t seen it Kanu v Brazil '96 is worth a play.


Did they? I thought after rumours and reports Werder denied any Bayern involvement?



Being bashed for not helping defensively and being a “fish out of water”, was subbed off at half time in their last game and so far been a bit of a flop despite his 1 goal.


Well I choose to believe that says he’s doing just great and much better than Gnabry.


He needs to work harder , been pretty lazy and inconsistente.


Has scored two against the US. Does anybody follow him for Sporting? Is he getting enough playing time there?


nope, he is a squad player. He played only two games as starter on 15 games played by Sporting.


Joel Campbell is the definition of a squad player. It’s a testament to the shitness of this league last season and the shitness of the other options in our team that fans saw his performances as evidence of more than that.


I honestly can’t remember a single person on here saying that he was more than a squad option though. Your post feels a bit straw man to me.


I can. I could name names if you like…


Do it.


You and Maverick for starters.


I could probably find few post of myself constantly reminding you that I think of him as a reliable squad player.


Yeh, maybe after he cooled off a bit, but I could probably find a few of you referring to him as more than that. Maverick certainly said he could be world class a few times in the MDC, and it was an opinion not many disagreed with ha, least of all you.


He has played fairly well for sporting, still has a lot of room for improvement but he always performs and for the NT.


Hooefully he gets the chance to play and score . This are the kind of matches he loves.

Tonight will be a night full of costa ricans.


Would have been a useful option to have in our current situation. Good passer, above average vision and good work rate. If not him then at least Gnabry would have been worth keeping. Easily would have done a job while Iwobi gets some rotation. These are decent squad players that offer real quality. Wenger relying on the return of long term injured players again.


Probably best not to go down this rabbit hole buddy. Everyone on this forum has been wrong about players.


Hopefully gets another chance when and if Wenger goes.


Is the still an Arsenal player? If so, why?