Joel Campbell: Fuck Out


Agree. The money and time invested in them from an early age gives them the edge over the likes of Campbell.


In my defense I’ve always thought Theo was a rather basic player privileged with the move at a young age to a great club who are frugal enough to give him more time than he deserves rather than replace him.


How long is the ACL an excuse for Theo ? He’s nearly been back for 2 years now.


Yes and How would ACL make you incapable of making a proper pass & having a brain.

Theo has always been ‘make a run & score’ kinda player, who is being found out now that he has to actually display attributes of a footballer.

He is new Podolski.


So Theo is better because he’s been given chance after chance for 10 years and reached a high point 3-4 years ago?

Give Campbell the last 10 years of appearances Walcott’s had and I doubt he’d have done much worse and he’d probably have had a few good seasons stat-wise too.

And it’s not about talent or ceilings or whatever, it’s about football and last season Campbell’s football was at a higher level than Walcott’s and Chamberlain’s so it’s common sense that he should have been playing over those two.

Nobody is obsessed with Iwobi but he too should be ahead of Walcott and Chamberlain on form.


At least Podolski could actually finish when he got the chances also lol. Theo is real hit and miss when clean through on goal.


I think we’d have seen a big signing on the RW by now or Wenger would be alternating between both Iwobi & Campbell. Evidently, Chambers going out on loan to get minutes/impress at Boro whilst keeping Holding under the wing and seeing how he develops.

I think we’ll eventually see both Campbell and Gnabry in a few years time ripping it up somewhere in Europe whilst we still have Ox and possibly Theo.


I don’t think Joel has the talent to be " ripping it up" but Serge defiantly.


I think we need to hope Reine-Adelaide is going too step up. I’m not convinced of him, but I reckon he didn’t get a first team place for nothing.


If you need a sprinter to run behind the defenders and terror the slow opponents, you need Theo.
If you need an excellent shooter and decent crosser, you need Poldi.
If you play free style, Campbell could contribute more as a better all round player.

Ox… I don’t know if I really want him on my team, after watching him for the past 5 seasons.


Its moot now we have done our business and its time to move on . This is the last chance saloon for the Ox and Theo ,I hope they can make it because if they do we may yet make a challenge BUT I’m not holding my Breath !


Lol ok mr “Theo is the best scorer in the PL” :joy:


Wenger definitely likes to play favourites and give preferential treatment to players he’s known longer and he’s extremely forgiving of subpar performances.


The problem with this argument is that it doesn’t have a lot of substance. If Walcott had had two or three amazing seasons before his ACL and people were just writing him off then Yeah I get it.

But the fact of the matter is that he’s only ever had one season of note in a decade at the club. It’s like the worst blue balls ever. I’ve been waiting for Walcott to finally “come good” and reach his ceiling for almost literally half my life and now he’s so old that he likely will never develop much more than he has now.

He’s looked good the start of this season but we haven’t been paying him £140k pw just to look good lol

Its like the Bendtner saga. He was here for like 7 years before Wenger (and I) realised he was just never going to amount to anything no matter how desperately we looked for any evidence to back it up.


The 4 seasons prior to his ACL injury he was averaging a goal or assist every 100mins. He’s limited but not many wingers off that end product. He’s never going to be a world class player to build your team around but as a very useful forward he has his place.

If we get 60 games from him in the next 2 years providing a goal/assist every 100mins he’ll have been worth his 140k a week.

Also his movement around the box is better than any player we have, bar maybe Lucas, but we’ll see about that.


Joel playing well and scoring for Sporting while back here we have Oxlade and Walcott :weary::confused::expressionless:


Already doing more than Gnabry @AbouCuellar


[quote=“Castiel, post:157, topic:101, full:true”]
Already doing more than Gnabry @AbouCuellar
[/quote]“Doesn’t count, Portugese Football is much worse than World class Olympic Football”.


Wait the Olympics have football?


Gnabry hasn’t even played…lol.

Let’s just say there’s a reason Bayern goes in for Gnabry and Joel is on his 5th or 6th different loan.