Joel Campbell: Fuck Out


Re: Theo the upside has been shown, and the (radical) differences in their play/what they offer needs to be taken into account.

Re: Ox I don’t necessarily disagree, but there’s simply no denying the fact that Ox has more natural ability than Campbell. I’m not really interested in arguing between what’s more worth it, proven decent-ness or current shit-ness with a chance to be a little better than decent-ness. In an ideal world Campbell would be willing to accept his current squad role, and we’d just have a better player than Ox and Campbell in Campbell’s place. In the real world Campbell wasn’t interested in continuing to be a squad player (which is what his role should be at a big club), and Wenger persists with Ox instead of cutting him loose and buying something better/or giving a chance to someone like Gnabry who certainly would be better and deserved the chance more.


When it comes to the Theo/Ox V Cambell debate it’s simply that some people prefer athletes and other people prefer players who impact the team around them.

In the ten years I’ve been watching Theo I’ve never seen him display this kind of vision and thinking and that’s down to the fact he doesn’t have the capacity to do so.


:disappointed: Wenger really is clueless when it comes to Campbell. He only played because he had no one else and he didn’t like how good he was and how he was being proven wrong over picking them over Joel so he dropped him as soon when his “boys” were fit again, He’s blinded by loyalty to the shit Southampton pair :confused:

Remember how he played fucking Ox over him in the Barca home leg even though Campbell was starting all the games before that? Bang as soon as Fraudlade is back he starts him and then get’s injured for being shit. :joy:


Theo would have went to take that ball down … goal kick.


So what? Of course he hasn’t, because Theo doesn’t have vision and aside from crossing he isn’t a passer of the ball aside from the most simple passes to retain possession. Different players, different qualities. It’s the same if I said I’ve never in my life see Joel Campell cause problems with his movement as a forward. It’s adding nothing to the discussion.


I think that’s what a lot of people Like about Joel. He’s just a solid player that is useful in a squad. We get too fixated on that “one thing” that players have. We need some solid, dependable all around pros to go around Mesut.


Meh I don’t even include you in my arguments half the time mate. One minute you think Wenger knows more than life itself then you hate the guy, month later you’re jerking off to some Walcott graph while praising Sanogo and bashing Ox and Ramsey for their lack of intelligence and ability, even though you didn’t want Gotze because you reckoned both we’re perfectly fine options out wide.

Few months from now who you’ll probably want Theo Walcott dead and be praising Joel for being consistent in the Portuguese league.

You should take a note from A4tt’s handbook and try and maintain some consistency.

Also I’m sorta sure Cambell’s movement caused some problems in that short gif lol.


Nine out of ten times that ‘one thing’ he does fails anyway.

He’s just a very average footballer tbh and handycaps the team when there is no room for his trick.


I don’t think any Arsenal fans see anything that special in him. By and large what people praised was his competence. He often delivered an end product, decent finishing and passing (I actually think his passing is a bit better than decent). He has some basic tactical awareness as well as a willingness to do defensive work. Last season neither of those things could really be said for Walcott or Oxlade Chamberlain.

All we wanted was to have him around being a competent squad player, like he was last season, I haven’t seen anyone say that he is good enough to be first choice in the long term.


Neither Theo or Joel are good enough for us really, but I’d take Joel over Theo for a variety of reasons, including the fact that he actually has some scope to improve. We really need either Ox to somehow grow a brain or to get a WC winger (which is what we should have done in the first place).


The harsh reality is none of the 3 Theo, Ox & Joel can be regular starters for a club hoping to compete for top honours domestically and in Europe which should be were we are trying to get to eventually.


Yet Campbell has poor end product and the thing is we have playmakers like Wilshere we can play on the wing if we want that. Campbell doesn’t offer pace or dribbling ability or much movement. He’s got intelligence, a good pass and a good finish. But having better form last year, doesn’t make him better.


Basically most of us are tired of seeing what a player like Walcott or Ox might do (I really hate the term “higher ceiling”) and will take the potentially less spectacular but generally consistent Campbell performances whilst holding out hope for a world class player to come in and usurp both of them.


I genuinely believe Wenger only chooses the English duo due to the money associated with them. Wenger himself loves a hard working, intelligent winger who can not only pick a pass but score too.


No doubt about it that joel is a more thoughtful player than Theo, he has to be because he doesn’t have the physical tools Theo does. However I doubt you’ll hear Leo Messi saying Joel Campbell is one of the most dangerous players he’s faced lol. Theo at his peak had that paxpce that could just leave defenders in the dust and he’s a good finisher too. He’ll be back to his better form this year. A goal and tasty assist already plus a nice cameo for England where he looked dangerous. I like both players but Campbell isn’t ever going to stretch the defense and if you want a guy that does what Campbell does we’ve already got Iwobi, Ramsey, and a couple others in the team. Theo when on form isn’t like many players in the world imo.


I think these players will be gone eventually as soon as we can get some decent players coming through the youth system it is ALL about the home grown quota. I reckon as soon as we can others come through the ranks to keep our home grown quota high we will sell because we can still get a good amount for them. I reckon now that the likes of Willock etc are knocking at the door you will see some leave. I reckon that we are starting to see the beginning of this with Chambers and Wilshere…i think they wont be coming back here got a feeling they will be sold on.



You and Theo’s mum are literally the only two people in the world who took Messi as genuine when he said that, and even she’s beginning to have her doubts after some of the gash performances he put in last year.


Is it because most players when on form can actually play football really well?


Let’s just forget the tiny fact that he just was recovering from a torn ACL, but that shouldn’t have an affect on a professional athlete right? They should just be back to their former selves within months of returning to the pitch lol. Besides Alaba has said the same so it’s not just Messi who fears Theorcules.