Joel Campbell: Fuck Out


There was nothing Campbell could do when it comes to going up against the chosen ones you will lose every time.

Is a shame because he’s contributed more than them for quite a while now, I hope at the least this means Serge gets some game time with us now he looks far more useful than Walcott who is being allowed to play every minute at the moment.


Might be my brain making stuff up again but was this his final year? Would be so pointless to lose him on a free if so. I’m surprised clubs like Palace didn’t fancy a punt instead of Bolasie, seemed suited to the English game.

Maybe it’s him who wants to go abroad, but he’s come from central America, been to France, Spain, Greece and now Portugal in search of game time, as far as I know his only bad spell was supposedly Villareal, and no player is a hit at every club. This guy is clearly a grafter who’s a decent all rounder. Certainly PL quality, really expected more than Sporting from him tbh.

What’s underrated about him is his impact. We’ve seen enough shit cup performances in the last 5 years from supposed senior players in the second string who are good on paper but just can’t bring it when they’ve been on the bench for months. He was ready to go every time we needed him. Used right he could have been valuable.


Never forget his performance in the Manchester City home game last December. He was fantastic.


Just another bullshit decision to add to Wengers log. I don’t really care about Joel per se but he i’d have played him ahead of others so it’s a pity that option is now gone.


This is just annoying. We are going to be down to bare bones come December. Hope there is a call back option.


His whole tenure with the club is so weird. I remember we had some sort of Arsenalesque protracted transfer saga to even sign him! He’s certainly a solid squad option and probably better than Theo on the wing.

Maybe there’s a clash of personalities behind the scenes?


I think he’s seen who plays ahead of him, and he’s pushed for a move. Can’t say I blame him.


What I don’t get in cases like this is that we really.pushed to sign h8m if my memory serves me right. Didn’t want to join us and Internet were interested. Wenger did his best to convince him to come here and then he fucks him around for the entire time he’s here.


I cannot understand letting him leave on loan when both Walcott and Chamberlain look so fucking poor???



According to the same two papers, we made a last minute attempt to cancel the agreement and we’re paying a significant part of Joel’s wages. Quotes from Joel make it clear he wanted this loan, Jorge Jesus tried to sign him when he managed Benfica in 2014.


Joel should ask for a permanent transfer.


Joel should ask for the past six years of his sporting life back. Arsenal is where players come to get buried.


Morris, when he’s thinking about Arsenal :laughing:


Haha can’t see this being true as when do they give a fuck what the fans think?


I’d rather criticise them in August for letting him go than criticise them in September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April and May for benching him for shit / out of form players.


So last season we extend his contract up his wages to 45 k a week and promptly bench him in favour of the same old wage thieves who do nothing for us.
Now we loan him out because again he earns more than they pay in other leagues for squad players . And so we piss away 25 k a week minimum for a player we cant use. . Great move wenger lets all buy in to his great vision . strewth !


Absolutely disgraceful the way he has been treated.


Fair to say, Joel’s time at Arsenal, has been canned.