Joel Campbell: Fuck Out


Looked like he had a decent game based on highlights. Took his penalty well!


Once again out of that front three of Ox, Theo, and Campbell, Joel was the standout. Nothing flashy but he actually produced the goods. His pen came from a sublime ball over the top from Wilshere too.


Joel needs a chance instead of Walcott. He works hard, dribbles easily the opponents and plays for the squad and not for himself.


Wenger ought to respect Joel more this season.
The guy deserves a chance, especially if his competition are Theo & Ox.


So strange to witness Wenger’s observation of him. He clearly didn’t rate him enough last season and had Ox been fit, I’d imagine he would have been getting the minutes alongside Iwobi.

I honestly thought we would have sold Campbell by now. I like him as a backup option for that RW.


Joel is definitely ahead of Walcott ability wise. Shame he won’t be selection wise.

Glad he has chosen to stay. Genius idea if you ask me. He knows we dont buy players and half the squad will be out injured soon, so he’ll be a regular.


He’ll probably be behind Iwobi which is a damn shame.


The two big Sports papers in Portugal, A Bola & O Jogo both reporting that Joel Campbell is in Portugal, with his medical booked ahead of a move to Sporting, on loan!

What is the point?

^If I could strike that out I would, this would move Gnabry up the ladder a bit and probably makes keeping him at the club this season feasible. Should just sell Campbell once and for all though.





The frauds Oxlade and Walcott stay over Joel who is twice the player of both. Sigh :expressionless:


Paving the way for Gnabbers to get a shot during the carling cup!!!


lol, c’mon man. An on-form Theo is simply a better option than Joel, let’s not exaggerate. Ox is more talented, too, though, I would like to be losing them both, or keeping Joel as a squad player if he was willing to take a limited role.


There is no room for a player like Joel in our squad. He’s far too tactically disciplined, hard working and willing to sacrifice himself for the squad.

Those type of players end up playing for people like Mourinho, Pep and Conte. And winning things by being important squad options.


You’re not wrong but fuck me thats depressing to read.


Campbell was perfect for a type of games when you need to defend, but for me wasn’t useful on attack. His convertion rate, his killer istinct in front of the goal are poor.

I wish him all the best, Portugal is a great place to show who he is.


I’d hazard a guess and say he’s a lot better than Ox in that comparison, no?


Ox isnt a more talented footballer, just a better athlete. However he’s always injured so maybe he’s not really that great of an athlete.


Waste of time and money really. If he doesn’t play for us this season he should be sold. This is just another case of having a player on our books that we can’t move, but was signed on a big contract despite us never giving him a chance to begin with.


Ox and Theo are almost certainly not better football players than Joel. They are just more athletic than he is. Ox might actually have a good season, but he’s not a particularly intelligent player and always struggles with injuries so I’d much rather put stock in Joel Campbell. He’s disciplined, he works hard, he protects his full back, he has a tendency to spot a really nice pass, he pops up with a goal or two and he’s just an all round reliable player.


He’s now on loan to Sporting for a season.

I don’t understand this, unless we are bringing in an offensive player?