Joel Campbell: Fuck Out


Sort of feel sorry for him at this point… he won’t get many minutes, nor should he… I guess if we have injury crisis he might or if we make deep run in one of the lesser cups, I suppose we can throw him on… I’d still rather see someone like Nelson or even our new star in making ESR (realizing he is different position).


Nah. Don’t feel sorry for him. I still remember how he (and his representatives) strung out the deal when he was signing. There were rumors that Dick Law (or maybe Ivan?) was bumbling around CR basically begging him to sign a deal.


Absolutely not, fuck that. He could make a career for himself elsewhere at the level he belongs at, playing week in week out, but he clearly chooses not to.

I don’t begrudge him at all. I’d almost certainly do the same. Like Jenkinson he knows he’s incredibly unlikely to earn this kind of money again, so fair play, milk the full length of the contract, I would absolutely do exactly the same.

But I refuse to believe there’s any reason to feel sorry for him. He’s living his best life right now on PL wages, good for him. I can’t pity that.


Been left out the PL squad



clearing out space it seems, maybe we will go after nzonzi.


When? In january? He’s already moving to Roma btw.


It is really the time for him to leave…


When does the transfer market open and close in january?


January 1st to January 31st


Luca its the same every year :wink:


Got rid of Perez, may as well go the whole hog and chuck Joel in the bin too.



I’ve just made your Thursday morning. You can finally move this thread haha


That’s Perez and Campbell gone, as well as Walcott, Coquelin and Giroud since last season.
Get rid of Welbeck as well and it means that almost all the high earning, under performing, players that Wenger accumulated and persisted with are gone.

Perhaps we can look forward to accumulating some quality players, with the new manager and new recruitment staff.


One thing the club deserves credit for is this massive clear out they’ve taken on for the last 2 years. Shedded a lot of unnecessary excess. Makes squad assessment in the future easier to trim if you’re only dealing with one or two players.

Good luck Joel.


Looked so promising when given the chance. Another bad decision from Wenger. Good luck.

P.s.: thanks for the “fuck out” in the title thread :kos2:


If Wenger didn’t rate him, I don’t get why we didn’t sell after 2014, where he had a good season with olympiakos, a good world cup and a good preseason.

Another bemusing decision by the club. the


I read that during that window we had been offered 10m for him, which considering his lack of playing time, seemed too good to turn down.


Don’t fucking tell me Wenger comes back for a second spell as manager!! :disappointed:


I’m from the future and Wenger’s not manager because he has died along with the rest of humanity.

I’m a robot created to preserve the ultimate human being.