Joel Campbell: Fuck Out


He was never good enough, a West Ham player level at best


Campbell is indeed shit. The fact that some people will defend Campbell but slate Walcott is the ultimate contradiction.


Ohhh! Looks like needs to be moved back haha





Good level for Joel those club.

We’d be lucky to get £3m tbh


Pretty much… I figure anything is better than another loan at this point… guy needs some stability and a chance somewhere and he isn’t the level we need. 3-4 million and wages gone and that is fine.


Cuellar is making far too much sense nowadays. Any room on that Atleti bandwagon?


yup fuck off with him bellend




Lol why is he not in the players section? He’s still here


Lol how many year contracts did we give players like this ? It’s unbelievable.


We have a true winger on the team after all!!!


I’m sure once Emery gets a proper look at him and Welbeck and starts to think about the tantalizing possibilities of playing with a defensive forward he’ll fall in love :heart_eyes:


Still time to get rid of this useless cunt :crossed_fingers:



Why would we git rid? He’s a good squad option.


Because he’s blocking the path of a youngster who’ll never make it at Arsenal!

I’d like to see him given a opportunity in the EL so we can see if he can contribute or not.


Ok, Arsene.