Joel Campbell: Fuck Out


Out of contract…

But he probably got a new one under the old regime.


Weren’t we offered around 15m for him a few seasons ago?
We should have sold him when we had the opportunity.


He was a better player than a lot of Wenger’s favourites when he got a chance that’s for sure.


A little harsh imo. Not fussed at all that he got marginalised but I seem to remember him being pretty productive in terms of raw stats when he played.


Should have sold in the summer of 2014 when he would have fetched a decent value after the world cup he had.

There was no reason to keep him on if evidently he wasn’t part of Wenger’s plans.


Remember against Benfica in the Emirates Cup where Sanogo and Campbell done a madness together :joy: peak banter era


I remember having high hopes when we signed him, had a cracking left foot as a teenager but never had the pace or overall game to succeed.

Except he wasn’t, he was probably in better form for a month and even then he was very average and very slow


If your not PL standard your shit in my eyes. And yes Joel Campbell wouldn’t start for any team in the league.


Sanogo was shit
Campbell was shit
Welbeck is shit
Jack is shit…

Obviously, they are all in different levels (Jack>Campbell>Welbeck>Sanogo), and next time when you call a player shit, better to have more description on his shitness… :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol Sanogo got starts at Palace. Threshold for quality in this league isn’t high

Joel was a gem of a player tho. It was clear he had alot of intelligence and the technical ability to match. He definitely needed refinement but was never a Wenger favourite even when he took his chances in the 11 and made a positive impression

Iwobi = Campbell imo


Iwobi = Welbeck or just slightly better imo :stuck_out_tongue:


If Joel was such a gem why didn’t he perform well or even get starts at smaller clubs?


Why do we hang on to so many players like this, when we could get some money for them, and get them off the wage bill?


He started often for his loan clubs before his return to Arsenal. He was clearly a talented player

More generally, the constant 1 year loans are highly disruptive to the development to a young footballer both on and off the pitch. We absolutely butchered his crucial years in terms of development and reduced his potential


He was excellent for the club which defeated Manchester United I recall.

Joel was a handy player who was shunned and under utilised.


He wasn’t though, he had pretty much zero end product in the Spanish and French leagues. He only managed 6 goals and 5 assists in 50 starts and 26 sub appearances for French/Spanish teams before getting his chance at Arsenal

After that both Sporting and Betis didn’t start him.

KDB and Salah had constant disruption in the clubs they were starting for too. Both are world class talents now.


Is silly to measure talent by end product alone. The fact that he consistently started for Ligue 1 and La Liga teams is a clear indication there was something there and his performance in the WC solidified that opinion

Wenger had total killed any confidence the kid had.Where’s the incentive to perform where you finally get a chance at the club of your dream, you show well and are then discarded?

Doubt there was any consideration about loan suitability either from the club.

Plus he had a child and the constant moving was highly disruptive

This is really lazy. Not a valid comparison in the slightest. I don’t think anyone ever thought Joel was a world class talent

In any case KDB had one loan then found consistency with a permanent move. Salah had one loan before finding consistency with Roma.

That doesn’t compare to being loaned out for 1 year at a piece to 6 different clubs with different staff, methods and tactics in 4 different countries with an indifferent parent club. That’s not conducive to steady development in young players


He’s gone. Who gives a fuck.


The fact he started for bottom teams in Ligue 1 and La Liga and was poor for them showed his level. No end product isn’t the only measure but Campbell’s was very very poor, making Welbeck look prolific in comparison.

Also saying not breaking into the Arsenal team killed his confidence and that’s why lower level clubs didn’t start him for 2 seasons running is ridiculous. How about they didn’t start him coz he’s not actually very good?

KDB and Salah both played for 5 teams over a span of 3-4 years and both couldn’t break through at Chelsea. The difference is both were elite and went away and rebuilt.


Was never good enough to be a permanent player but yeah Wenger did give more chances to players that were just as average over the years.