Joel Campbell: Fuck Out


lol… kind of forgot about him.


so is this guy gonna figure for us, out back on loan or gonna be sold or what…dunno what the club are doing with so many of the players now, the whole thing is all over the place


Our new striker! Was good two seasons ago, tbh :santi2:


I kind of like Joel, hope he finally gets given a proper shot in the squad


From what I remember he was quite average and slow for a winger. Sell


“not on loan”

Was just about to post about taking the ‘out on loan’ bit out the title.




Yeah simply another player that isn’t good enough for a club like Arsenal, tries hard but just at the level we should be after.


Another season another loan… why can’t we just sell him?!


Huge wage?



What is the point with the majority of our transfers.



another loan that doesn’t make sense, same thing with Jenkinson (either just sell him or use him) rather then loan him out every season, it’s frustrating


He’s getting paid way too much or else he would have pushed for a permanent deal long ago. The Campbell situation is such a joke but honestly you can’t blame him.


Im kind of astonished at people saying Campbell isnt good enough, that season when Alexis was injured he came in and did a job imo. Good on the ball and in attacking areas, and committed defensively as well which many players we have are not.

I’d have given him a chance last season before I loan or sell.


So would I but Wanker has an agenda against him


I rate him as well but as a decent backup, should be using him really rather then loan him out for about the 16th time


I think Wenger wants to give Iwobi as much time as possible, but even then why not give Campbell a shot on the right? Walcott basically has no competition there now, its really bizarre. Campbell would also help Bellerin much more


Wenger only keeps his favourites, the rest he treats like dirt.

Campbell is only doing what about 10 others in our squad are because they are on good wages here. Its completely the clubs fault, not the players.


He is still here with the team?


Average player, he’s not solving anything for us. Welbeck is shite but I’d just as soon play him on the right in a 4-3-3, and would sooner play Walcott. Iwobi should start over all of them of course.


Sounds like our kind of guy.