Joel Campbell: Fuck Out


I was all for him retaining his place when he was doing well and the alternates were Theo or Ox who were both atrocious but I really don’t want him back in the team (and he wants to play obviously which is why he went on loan).


He got married :slight_smile:


Joel is clearly punching above his weight


She’s marrying a millionaire. She should count herself lucky.


Interracial marriage? Not cool.


RACIST! @Persona


I’m only talking about looks wise, nothing racist about it


shut it Klu Klux Luke.


Klu Klux Kluke


But the truth is if he was not rich she would monkey branch to some next rich guy to look after her and trap him with kids


Some dumb shit being written in this thread.


^ Jake liked this?


Hilarious shit more like.


You take selfies in the mirror and use them as your profile pic on a football forum


There are only 2 genders, get over it.


What’s the deal with Joel then?


Injured isn’t he?

Why isn’t he back with us though lol


I think he is? He has been given a squad number.




Honestly forgot this guy existed.