Joe Willock (Out on loan)


Was all St Maximan but nice tap in from Joe

Perfect :ok_hand:

Great for his confidence which was shot lately too.

Good goal and movement, hope he does well, want him to go to a prem team and not just forgotten in the lower leagues.

Hot take time…

I could be completely wrong, but I think Joe Willock could play as a #9 at Premier League level. He has the energy to press, has enough technical ability and strength to link the play and he can finish.

maybe. In any case, glad he is getting pl minutes to develop

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I don’t see it. He struggles as a #10, how’s he gonna do the job at #9?
I remember hearing similar takes for Rambo but in both cases their best position is #8.


Ramsey’s most effective position was the treatment table tbf.


I don’t think Willock provides enough value in possession to be an #8 or a #10 for Arsenal. I think he has certain tools that could make him an effective #9. I doubt we’ll ever see it though.

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The replies! They love him already!


Should cash in asap until they find out about his first touch and football iq

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Hope he does well and Toon sign him permanently for 20 million quid.

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Yes, so we can give that 20 million to Arteta and Edu to blow away on another Willian like signing. :henry2:


Gave a penalty away tonight. Honeymoon over.

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Honeymoon over lelelelelelel quickest honeyman in da world mate