Jean-Philippe Gbamin

Sounds like he is highly rated by us

Judging by the reports, he would be Unai’s 137th summer priority.



It says we need a CB but then goes on to say that Gbamin has rarely played at CB this season and has been DM AM and even playing out wide.

He is certainly versatile, this was something Wenger used to look for in a player.
It looks like Emery is of a similar opinion.

I suppose that when you are given a transfer budget that wouldn’t look out of place at a Highland League club, you have to make the money go a long way. :grinning:

Based on the club saying they couldn’t buy anyone at the last transfer window (and the loan only deal of Suarez was a joke) signs are not good. A good new centre back and proper cover at right back (rather than trying to convert Maitland Nile’s to one) would’ve seen us do top 4 most likely. Not expecting it to be much better in the Summer - Kroenke out!!!