January Transfer window thread


Shouldn’t be surprised of it. We have a board of sneaky greedy fuckers, as we are one of the richest club in the world FFS!


I can sort of see the logic in them planning to play Willian as a CM


There’s no logic, he’d flounder in that role.

They don’t have a clue.


I think, if we wanted to make money from the Ramsey departure, we could. It wouldn’t be nice but we’d have to play hardball with both player and potential new suitor.

If Juventus are coming around sniffing, we should insist that they buy him now for 10 to 15 mil. They’ll laugh us out of the building at first. They’ll just say they’ll sign him at the end of the season for free.

If that is the case, let relations with Ramsey sour. Either don’t play him at all and affect him ahead of his next move or play him all the time ahead of the last game in May. Not this half hearted crap Wenger was doing with Sanchez. Ramsey seems professional enough to want to play but if he’s unprofessional to not want to play, new clubs would think twice about him.

It’s a tricky situation all round. Arsenal’s own fault, clearly, but it’s just me thinking out loud and seeing how the club could make money on this.


That might be true but the value of the club goes up massively every season.
Why has Kroenke bought the club?
It certainly isn’t to help us win trophies.
It’s to make more of a fortune than he already has.


It’s as if Wenger did all this on purpose so the next manager would struggle.
A bit like Ferguson did at Man U :wink:

But it is a complete shambles and whoever is responsible should leave…oh, they already have, Wenger and Gazidis have both left.


Very good read!


It’s a good article which tells us what went wrong, who was responsible and that Kroenke isn’t going to invest his own money in the club.
It also says our transfer deals and contract negations are a shambles.
But it doesn’t really tell us how we’re going to get out of this mess.

What is quite worrying is that it also says that we have several defenders coming back from injury, as if they are going to make any difference.




Yeah, bring back Sanogo and stick him on the wings. Let’s reach peak banter.


Denilson back in the middle as well.


Go home. You are drunk :bellend:.


Can we loan a coach?


As well as a midfield and defence.


And park it.


We ignore this window at our peril. If the manager is to have any chance of turning things round every window has to be used,
Forget looking to far in the future. We very well need good enough for now to build some sort of base going forward.
We simply just cant wait till summer alone.



Wow can he even play anymore? Even when he was here back then he wasn’t very good. Fulham are wasting even more money with this guy they are gonna be relegated with a huge squad and huge wages


I know we dislike aftv fans etc but this video does seem to explain a lot and basically explains why we have ‘no money’ to spend ffp wise gazidis and Wenger truly fucked us bad…it sound really plausible and it really does make sense he even talks about kroenke and it actually is not his fault. Stan actually is trying to fix this shit.


Yeah, we can get David Wagner :bellend: