January Transfer window thread


Arsenal board before building the emirates: "We want to build this big ass stadium to compete with the Bayern’s and Barca’s

Arsenal Supporters:

Arsenal Board while paying off the stadium: We ain’t got no money!!! We got all this debt and we need to be patient while we pay this shit off.

Arsenal supporters:

Fast forward to 2019 and Arsenal have paid the debt off.

Arsenal board: We ain’t got no money for transfers and we can only do loans due to financial fair play rules

Arsenal Supporters:


Yeah I’m not sure how you offset it - that still seems squirrelly to me and I think for sure City is skirting the spirit of FFP through their self-funding sponsorships (although supposedly they have to be “market value”)…

Not being CL is a big deal, especially with all our spending and the INCREASE in wages (isn’t it you can’t INCREASE beyond a certain percentage?)… and City increased massively eitehr right before or during that transition, so now don’t actually have to increase that much and still have massive wages (same with Utd, probably Chelsea).


We should be exempt from FFP and all the other bollocks.

I’m pretty sure these rules are intended to prevent clubs with no money in the bank running on losses, not prevent clubs sitting on a pile of cash spending it.


Whatever the truth of this is, the club has made itself look small and cheap today. Need to get some decent PR around it.
Giving all the trolls on social media, dodgy presenters on talkshite and no doubt Fridays tabloids a free fucking hit at us.
Honestly just get pissed off with all this ridicule. Not classy at all.


It’s the clubs own fault.they sat on cash when it was blatant that cash was going to lose a lot of value in the near future.

Instead of tying it up in some assets that would increase in value, they sat on it as some rainy day fund or some shit.

Terrible management. Enjoy @Gio


All is forgiven if this happens



I truly hope the club don’t fold to Barca. We don’t have to buy Suarez, it’s up to them how badly they want to sell him.

Let’s not get bent over for once please?


I’m not bothered if we don’t sign anyone, nobody we can sign now is going to change the outcome of this season.


The percentage increase rule seems dumb… there are surely plenty of sound financial “health” metrics they could use if objective was primarily about avoiding spiraling debt… “fair play” is a whole different animal and also needs rethinking.


Here’s a few reminders of why we’re potentially headed towards a disastrous situation for this club.


Fuck reading that just makes me wanna go jump off the Westgate Bridge.


Surprise surprise! Baldy trying to get 1 our targets :xhaka:


Can we stop for a minute and consider that all these publications are probably fed to the media by the club in the never-ending struggle to bring prices down. I have no doubt in my mind every club is trying to squeeze as much cash from us as possible especially as we have the reputation of a financially stable and rich club.

In other words I don’t believe anything written in the papers and it’s all part of the negotiating process imo.


Who’s worse?! :joy::joy::joy:

  • Chelsea for rejecting it
  • Barcelona for offering it

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Lol we’re broke. We need Robbie from AFTV to buy us


Nothing like stockpiling loads of 30+ attacking players whilst you’ve got talent like Dembele and Malcom struggling for minutes lol


City is blatanly skirting FFP. There is no discussion about that. But it can’t be that the wage thing is only a problem for a very limited set of clubs. In fact only the three I mentioned it seems.


This would make sense if Wenger wasn’t the manager he was. Everything about him screamed that he doesn’t think as players as assets.


This is very true.


It’s just growth in wages based though right?