January Transfer window thread


And the money has to be really good. There is some stuff floating around of David Neres (currently Ajax) going to China.


The perfect smile for you: so cocky :bellend:


Whaaat, he’s highly rated isn’t he? Surely a top European team takes him on?


Just watching Wolves vs Liverpool…that Neves is a good player! Young too! Could see him playing alongside Torreira in the centre of our midfield for years to come!


He’d cost an absolute bomb though. He’s their best player by a mile and has a contract until 2023.


Swap deal with Elneny :slight_smile:


That’s got Manchester City written all over it.


Interesting player we should be keeping an eye on at the price below. Suits the Emery profile, good age, skillset and upsight


No idea who he is.


That dude must have a pushy agent. Seen him linked with Napoli, United, Chelsea and now us in the last 24 hours.


He’s a talented barista.


De Paul HELL NO.



Why down on RdP?


Midfielder from Cagliari. He is highly-rated.


It will be another Iwobi. Inconsistent as they come. Also not pacey enough nor cerebral either. At best, is a player for a mid table team. At best.


Looks like he’s off to Napoli anyways.


Off to Napoli you say? :henry2:


Apparently the agreement now is whether it will be now or the summer.



Lol why do Chelsea even have a youth academy. They just sell them. Joke club


I’m not sure Bayern really represents the best move for him to be honest with you.