January Transfer window thread


Interesting… Fits a profile of a winger who can cut in or go direct

I remember him burning us consistently in 2015 CL tie


Not so sure about him tbh. He is able too have great moments on the pitch, but I always thought he was a bit too inconsistent. I don’t think that would be something that has improved in China.


I’m sceptical of any young-ish player who opts for China.


Few years ago I saw it as an absolute no brainer but hard to trust how prepared a player who’s taken a massive step down is to return to the top level.


Easy grab ffs, Carrasco here? We need his type, he’s 25, resale value in Europe is great either way. Only problem I see is money.


The guy is a cunt as well apparently. And who is this Shira guy? I call BS


We can’t compete for the big players so we must look for players with a but in them; end of contract, little playing time, transfer listed, youngsters, etc. This is one of those deals. Of course there’s a concern about him going to China but he is a type of player we don’t have and need asap. We can sign him on loan with option to buy, perhaps. For me, it’s a no brainer.


There haven’t been a lot of precedents of players coming back, but I think Axel Witsel for one is doing a good job at Dortmund after his stint in China.


This guy scored in the CL Final for Atletico didn’t he, thought he was pretty good tbh, definitely the kind of player we need.


That is a ridiculously high salary, twice of what Ramsey would be making an year at Juve.


He far too inconsistent, flash in the pan type of player.

At one point looked like he could become an excellent player but it went the opposite way.

And as @Electrifying says he’s apparently a nightmare, I doubt the veractiy of the rumour but if true we’d do best to avoid. If we want a wide player we should be looking at Pepe, Lozano, dudes with actual upside.


Witsel came back from China and is absolutely tearing it up for BvB.


But also dudes who seem to be at least €20 million more expensive.

I think there is also nothing in it though. These Italian reporters spout as much shit if not more.


Fucking Italians and their gossip!


Why are we after the players who were good 2/3 years ago?


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Can he play on the wing aswell? :hipster:


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