January Transfer window thread


Summer madness is gonna be even more interesting. Logging on OA drinking a mojito and keep on clicking on F5 :giroud2:


I hope you are just kidding and you do realize that with this site, you don’t need to do that.


You are right. I am still in madness mode :poldi:


With the amount of first team players we have sold, and the money we have got in transfer fees and wages off the payroll, we should have an even bigger window than this.
Especially with a new manager :grinning:


with that bid for Evans I’m sure we just want him for the short term, and then in the summer spend the money on a proper centre back



Man he looks SO old.


Other loans

Akpom —> Sint-Truidense
Jeff —> Angers
Bielik —> Walsall


I wonder if Jeff is angers about it


he does know who tottenham is …right? A club that has won nothing of note for decades and decades, but feels they will topple europe!


What age is he? 55?


Is that an Excel spreadsheet and if yes…why?


Cos you get to take a break from watching football and updating various threads/websites right? :grinning:


It’s gone very quiet.

Madness over?


It is. I used to keep track of the squad, and each player’s importance with colours and what not.


No deadline day MDC?


the premiership matches are ruining deadline day, should have all been played yesterday really


Jaysus! :cech:




Wait… This isn’t Arsenal David?! I don’t have your tweet notifications on for this!


Brothers reunited. Are there any more Ayews?