James Bond Thread

If you’re after an attention seeking none musical poser over someone who can make a semi decent tune

That Catch You Outside Dr Phill rapper skank would probably perform better

Pretty sure the last couple of artist performing the bond songs career’s have stalled or died so I am all for Billy eilish career coming to a halt.

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Do you ever get worried about how much your taste falls into the 16 year old girl demographic?


:joy: Not really tbh

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Good man Cal. You be you! :slight_smile:

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Pleasantly surprised. It’s no Shirley Bassey or Chris Cornell but it’s actually pretty good.

Happy with it, is a bit slow in parts.


Thought it was good. Sounds like a bond song aswell.

Yeah I stand corrected!

I did try listening to her album after the Bond song and really didn’t like it so as an artist I still don’t like her but she obviously had some pretty strict guidelines in regards to this song that steered her in the right direction.

I like the song

Thanks Luke, what did you have for breakfast


It’s very slow. I was expecting it to have more off a Cornell, white stripes kind off tempo.

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Boring generic imo


Ew, just ew.

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Think it’s boring as fuck

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Good choice?


I think it ought to be that guy from McMafia. He looks the part.

I wouldn’t mind a slim, elegant bond a la a Brosnan again.

Cillian Murphy could work.

If Murphy was chosen then the same amount of Irishmen would have played him as there have been Englishmen. :laughing:

Connery - Scottish Bastart
Lazenby - Aussie
Moore - Englishman
Dalton- Welsh
Brosnan - Irish
Craig - Englishman


Hope you don’t mind me fixing this mate.


Cillian Murphy legitimately looks like a Bond villain