Jakub Kiwior (15)

I agree - definitely good transfer. He had a great win streak at the start of this year with him in the line up. With potentially a new LB coming in, he needs to find more minutes elsewhere. Probably the best for everyone that he leaves.

This is what I don’t understand. You have the team in a winning streak with said player playing a crucial part in it. In a position that is not his natural one. Yet, he delivered.

Why would you sell on that player? Finding someone of his level for cheap is a difficult task and games aplenty for the squad next season.

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Wouldn’t say he was crucial but he did his role.
He had some bad performances after that run that essentially got Tomiyasu(and to a lesser extent Zinchenko) back in the team.

I think the fact that it’s the position that saw most change last season should tell you a lot.

For me, that was the most upgradeable spot in the team hence why I wanted to prioritise it.

Unfortunately for Kiwior, he’s the asset that is attracting the most interest compared to Zinchenko and probably Tomiyasu.
I don’t think we’re gonna sell him for peanuts though. I think if we are to let him go, we would let him go for good profit.
Else, you might as well keep him around.

Replace the squad player with a player who is going to come in to the first team (or club obviously feel has the potential to become a first choice).

Feels like this is just a sensible decision to raise the level of the squad. Shake hands hopefully book a small profit and onwards and upwards.


You make a few good points so I can see why it’s interesting for the club to potentially sell him. I just hope it won’t bite us in the ass when we need a rotational player of his caliber for the many games to come.