Jack Wilshere


When Ramsey’s back we should play 3 in the middle with jack and Xhaka or AMN with ozil lacazette and iwobi up front



Heard he was shit in the first half though?

Maybe when Ramsey gets back we finally see the 2 of them playing together


Not difficult with the current quality, tbh.


Watch our 3rd goal vs Pool again. See how Wilshere chases down like 3 players causing a turnover, thats the type of shit we’ve missed. Granted Ramsey does that too from time to time but I feel Wilshere has more fire and more too prove. Would keep him in the side for as long as possible.


Jack Wilshere is currently getting around 60 passes per game, out of curiosity does anyone know how many he was getting in the 10/ 11 season ? I’d imagine it was considerably more.


If that’s the case I imagine it’s because he’s still finding his feet and getting back into it while also that 2010/11 team being better and having more chemistry.


For example someone like Ozil has been getting around 100 touches in the last 3 games, yeah that could be a large part of it or maybe he just doesn’t have the legs to get into space regularly anymore. I’m not trying to knock Jack I like him and I’m glad he’s back fit and playing I just think long term he may be more of an impact player rather than the answer to our starting problems.


Not sure you can read anything into that kind of statistic tbh, Özil should rightly be seeing the ball more than Jack especially when there’s two people capable of carrying the ball forward in him and Xhaka. The difference between the team back then and now is night and day.

Also judging from recent performances he still has the legs to get around just fine, it’s the fittest he’s looked for years and seems to be improving.


10/11: 64.6 per 90
12/13: 63
14/15: 64.4
16/17: 49.1
17/18: 61.9





He certainly has no real appreciation of defensive space. For their first two goals (maybe even their third) he was trying hard to defend but didn’t really have a clue where to go or what to do.

I like him as a player, but not really as a midfielder. But then I don’t think I like any of them really.

For England though I’d take a gamble on him over the tried and tested mediocrity of combos like Henderson + Dier.


If we secured the midfield like that against Liverpool we would have looked a lot more controlled and solid.

Xhaka’s looking like a huge weakness though. Not sure a formation change can stop him giving the ball away so easily.

We should try AMN or Elneny in the deeper role with Ramsey and Wilshere in the 3.


There is no denying that Jack is a wonderful midfielder. Watching him play is a reminder of Gazza in his prime , ok Gazza played for the spuds but let’s face hard truth here Gazza was and incredible player , who played with his head up , running forward. Jack has this ability but without the daftness that Gazza had . Wilshere can and could deliver this club silverware it deserves but I fear his injury history will catch him up . Jack , stay fit and remember this is THE Arsenal. Sign and stay z


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there is no financial argument, he is lying, something something new signing, and in the end he prefers bad players.

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I dont even understand what you’re saying here lol


He loves the club, he wants us to be successful again and he is still quite young.
The only thing against him is his injury record.

When Sanchez, Cazorla and Ozil leave, he will be our best midfield player so we can’t afford to lose him as well.
The money saved from those three, as well as Walcott, would pay for the wages of two top quality midfielders and what ever it cost to keep Wilshere.

For Wenger to lose Wilshere, along with Sanchez, Cazorla and Ozil, in the same season would be nothing short of scandalous.


He’s predicting what the arguments in the next 80 posts will consist of