Jack Wilshere


The issue is that you know Wenger will rely on him and expect that he will contribute.

He’s arguably our best CM (excluding Santi obvs) when fit but that whole area of the pitch needs a rehaul and there’s a real risk that Wenger doesn’t buy because we have Wilshere, who in all likelihood will be injured most of the time.


I think this could happen.
As much as I rate Wilshere and next season he might be our best midfielder, if Ozil follows Sanchez and Cazorla and leaves, but he is without doubt one of our more injury prone players.

For such an important position is it a good idea to rely on Wilshere to stay fit all season.
I know Wenger will look at the situation and think that It is a lot cheaper than buying a top quality player to replace Cazorla, but is it the best option?


My MOTM personally. Lovely to see.


Unreal tonight his best game in seasons


Yes!! Jack! Let’s pray he stays fit as he’s back


And to think people were asking for him to be sold.

Three games on the spin and the quality is still there in spades and boy is he fit! Loved him tracking back like 50 yards and stealing back the ball in our box.

It’s a forgone conclusion that he extends his contract.


Defensively he’s still shaky and indecisive at times (good run at the end there though) but offensively he did really well and looked lik the only player capable of moving the ball from the back. Still needs to get better but good for him that he’s not immediately getting injured again.


That’s the Jack we know. Hope he can always stay fit. A must-starter.


Looked really good. Cross-fingers he can stay fit.


3 starts, 3 quality games. Prefer him to Ramsey right now. But with Jack you just know its temporary.


Second half he was pretty good. First half he was atrocious. He’s capable of better, just tries a few too many take ons and is quite naive defensively.


How on earth was that a good performance?


Yeah I kind of thought the same. Yes, he did have some moments where he burst forward and accelerated through their team, but he also had plenty of headless moments (as did Xhaka) where he passed right to them, missed his assignment, and overall looked lost. First half he was bad, second half much better.

I’d honesty like to see him and El Neny at this point. Yes, Xhaka’s goal was nice contribution (even though it was 95% Miggy gift), but I can’t stand the brainless sloth out there…


For me he was the best player on the pitch.
He was the hardest working and most committed.
Just sign him up.
If you compare that he is on less wages than Walcott, it just shows what a farce our wage structure is.


Good Lord it’s a bit boring hearing you always banging on about the wage structure. It’s not to say you don’t have any point at all, but you’re like a dog with a bone lol


He adds another dimension to our midfield with his ability to burst up the field and his 1 touch passing and movement.

Like all of our team he passed to the opposition at times. But that was partly down to Liverpool pressing our runners to cut off passing options. And he does need time to come match sharp too.


If he stayed healthy we have would have a great player back, a must-starter.


Still don’t trust him in a 2, but tbh I don’t really trust any of them.


No words for you if you think these Wilshere performances are better than what Ramsey was producing.


Glad he had a word with Xhaka for for not bringing the ball down when he had time to.