Jack Wilshere


“He got injured getting out of his car and is going to miss the start of the new season” said Pellegrini.


Maybe those 3 can play for more than 30 minutes before performing like a grandad


Would be so typical of him :grimacing:


Does Jack still smoke?


probably…now he will have special stuff from da hookah.


Such a West Ham signing.

The Fenerbache fans are pissed in the comments tho :joy::joy::joy:


Swear everyone has been calling this transfer for like 2-3 years lol


Not gonna be critical of him now he’s gone. Shame it didn’t work out as he’s proper Arsenal and wish him the best of luck.



Good luck Jack


Fuck off and joining that rabble gives me more pleasure. You really gave us nothing in the end.


All that big man talk about playing abroad and he ends up at West Ham. Just can’t get out of the comfort zone.


Kind of harsh there mate, it’s hardly his fault is it?

His body broke down in a way that no one could have envisioned after that wonderful season and continued to do so.

I wish him well.


I dont because I dont think he has ever shown himself to be a true professional player. Cost us a lot and apart from some early promise dont think before injury he was as good as people say he was.
Dodgy owners getting a dodgy player imo.


I wish him well


I really do think he was that good. Cesc and Anelka aside I’ve never been more excited or impressed by a player in his mid to late teens coming through.

And I’m a miserable bastard who routinely dismisses youth talent. He was special imo and it could have been oh so different if he’d never played that game against NYRB…


:frowning: maybe it was the only way after all.


Good luck Jack. Hope he smashes it for the hammers


Good luck to him.

He becomes double-cunt in the eyes of Spurs fans now, so that’s always nice :mustafi:
The vitriol he’ll receive from them is going to be stupendous, love it.





I agree, I would say though, a massive part of being a top midfielder is your brain, and it’s impossible to say if Jack’s brain ever would’ve been good enough, even without injuries and a normal career arch…given the available evidence probably not.