Jack Wilshere


How does he find this stuff :joy::joy::joy:



Luton airport. Deffo Jack.


This type of move would leave the door open to the national team lol?

Jack Wilshere holds face-to-face talks with Manuel Pellegrini over move to West Ham | @SamiMokbel81_DM: https://t.co/C8rXruFULc

— MailOnline Sport (@MailSport) 4 juli 2018

Southgate is already done with him. He should be open to Wilshere about it.


Southgate gave him the chance to come back into the fould which was curtailed by that very brief injury.

If someone can get in playing for Palace it’s not the end of the road.


He didn’t even make the reserve list…whilst there were three midfielders on that list (Lallana, Livermore and Cook). That seems a bit more telling than friendlies back in march.

Loftus-Cheek is a young up-and-coming midfielder.

Oh. Oxlade-Chamberlain is also absent because of his injury.


Spot on. One of the good things about Southgate is that he looks at English talent outside the top 6 and isn’t willing to upset prominent players

I’m very interested in Pellegrini’s West Ham. Would be a great place for Jack to showcase his talents on a consistent basis under a smart manager like Pellegrini.

The club is good platform and is capable of big things if they adopt a more methodical approach off the pitch.


Its down the road and the main reason hes going there.


Premier League wages aren’t bad either.


I’m not sure how you can jump to the conclusion that Southgate is done with Jack.

If Jack keeps his head down, stays relatively injury free, performs well and stops acting like a child, Gareth isn’t just going to ignore him to prove some kind of point. He’s not Roberto Martinez!

Our squad isn’t full of world class kings – there’s no reason why after a good run of form, Jack can’t usurp one of them. I’m not saying he will, but on his day he’s certainly no worse than some in the squad/reserve list.


Because he chose eight midfielders before him (squad/reserve list) and if Chamberlain wasn’t injured it were effectively nine players in front him? Jack isn’t better than some of those ‘on his day’. He doesn’t even need to be ‘on his day’ to be a better fit in the current set up. Alli and Lingard are actually playing on his natural position. And he still didn’t make it.


Southgate didn’t bring Wilshere for the same reason most of us aren’t bothered about him leaving, his performances haven’t been up to much. If he consistently improves he’ll get back in, if he doesn’t he won’t.


Lingard, Lallana, Rose and Delph had convincing seasons indeed :grinning:.


I really wouldn’t know. My point is not wrong regardless of what any of them did.


So really Wilshere need to do more to get into the squad? Because those players had comparable seasons.


Delph had a good season for City and showed his versatility so he deserved a place. Lallana made the reserve list because of his injury otherwise he’d have been a guaranteed pick in the 23.

Lingard has a good season for United. Not outstanding but he plays a different role to Wilshere anyway and with Lallana not being fully fit it made sense to take him.

Rose got in because he’s better than the rest of the dross we have at left back.


And Wilshere is the best natural fit on these midfield positions in the 3-5-2.


The energy that England have been playing with, Wilshere wouldn’t be able to keep up. He’d be blowing out of his arse after 60 mins. Starting to see why he wasn’t selected.


He still might have been a fair option to bring on over Alli in the 80th minute when we shat the bed


According to The Guardian he had his medical with West Ham yesterday.