I've done my knee in - Probable ACL Injury

So for 3 weeks+ I’ve not been able to put any weight on my left leg. It twisted carrying a huge box and having my path unexpectedly blocked. If I try to put weight on it I feel like it’s going to collapse and it be agonising if I take a wrong step. I use a walking stick but still struggle to get around the house and can’t do steps at times. Being essentially disabled is really depressing. So far I’ve been to the GP, got fobbed off but eventually got an MRI after someone cancelled theres. I have to wait 3 weeks for advice. I could do with proper crutches but the GP can’t help.

I wonder if anyone has any advice. I think @SRCJJ said he did his but I could be confusing him with another poster

Apparently Online Arsenal thinks I shouldn’t bother positing this because ‘Witcher 3 Wild Hunt’ is a very similar thread.


Fuck no good pal, it shouldn’t take that long to get an ACL diagnoses should it ? How bad was the swelling 24 hours or so after sustaining the injury ?

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It was swollen but not massively. I had a similar injury a few years ago but it got better much quicker. I suppose I’m a few years older with a few more years of heavy drinking.

I’m actually lucky I got an appointment as quick as I did, because if it wasn’t for a cancellation I’d be waiting 3 weeks for the appointment.


When do you get the results of the MRI?

That should tell all.

For now, all I can say is RICE lol.


I hope it’s not too serious! There’s not much else to do then to wait for the MRI results.

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Best of luck with the diagnoses mate, hopefully it’s something more on the minor scale of knee injuries :crossed_fingers:

I wouldn’t self diagnosis to much. Knee is a minefield of possibilities. Guessing your going to be in here a lot over the next few weeks.

Sorry here that bro but like mentioned above knee injuries are one of the of the worst injuries and take awhile to heal. I would not put much pressure on it as when you don’t need to. Next three weeks will be crucial which means you need to take precaution not to do anymore damage

It’s a 3 week wait for the results apparently. Really maybe I should of gone to A&E to get some crutches. That’s essentially the only care I’d get as it’s what happened last time I had similar but I’d be able to get around.

It’s also fundamentally wrong you can’t get a temporary disability pass. They only give you one if you’re permentantly disabled. I thought that when my Dad had his hip replacement

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Do you have a local minor injuries unit?

Maybe go see them if it stays this bad, and maybe the MRI results can get expedited.

Thanks this seems like a good tip. I’ll call 111 in the morning and see what they suggest.

I’ve torn my ACL it was awful. I was on crutches for a while and didn’t play football for nearly a year.

Get to the hospital and get it checked. I waited 4 days until I couldn’t physically move anymore and the doctor said I probably exasperated the injury.

Dude, you have to go to the emergency for that kind of injury, not wait 3 weeks for an MRI.

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Can’t really say anything for certain without seeing you in person, but if I were there, I’d do a Lachman test to confirm if you suspect the ACL has been ruptured.
I’d recommend you to go see an orthopedician straight away so as not to invite the faintest chances of any complications due to delayed repair. Don’t wait those weeks. Get yourself near a specialist as soon as possible mate.

PS though I’m mainly speaking from my context of where I’m from, as patients can directly pay a visit to specialists without going to GP or ER if they please.

Yeah I’d say go to minor injuries, you should get seen quicker than in a&e as well.

Your results should also be in the system if you’ve had your scan, so hopefully somebody can go read your report or if you go now they can chase it up and get somebody to look at it.

It sound like you’re stating this from a qualified perspective, is this correct? If you’re from the UK can you recommend what I do next?

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I’m not from the UK and neither a specialist yet. But been working as an ER house officer for the last couple years. If you were to be here(South east Asia), you could go to the ER or directly to a specialist(as we guys at the ER have to consult the specialists ultimately once the imagings and tests have been done). Can’t speak for certain about the UK, but I’d recommend you go the a specialist straight away if possible, or to the ER at the very least.

One of my Grandad’s had a similar injury and was advised to undertake surgery at one time or injury. But he declined undergoing the knife. He still managed to play squash and go for long hikes, He was looking to become a semi-pofessional runner when he first got injured, but apparently always lost out to this guy at school, Reg Parks, who was supposedly one of Arnie’s inspirations


Not ideal I know but you can buy crutches on line. Ten to 15 quid.

Thanks for the advice, I will look to get an appointment or seek out the relevant service tomorrow mornining

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