Ivan Toney

I’d say he’s a cunt tbh. Betting against your team is hoping for the loss too.
Fuck him.

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Just out of interest what was your reaction to Tony’s drink problem, or Merson’s drug problem?

Pissed off when Adams was in jail tbh. Nowhere near the support around then and culture totally different.

Ban him for life. It’s match fixing.

Disagree, I bet against arsenal sometimes in the stupid hope it makes us win.

Minor consolation if we lose, usually my beers during the 90 mins end up free.


As for Toney, seems like a great time to put 20m on the table and see if Brentford bite.

Yeah but your not being paid by the club.

The document reads: “The present case is not one of match-fixing. If it was, the charges would have been pursued under different provisions. There is no evidence that Mr Toney did or was even in a position to influence his own team to lose when he placed bets against them winning - he was not in the squad or eligible to play at the time.”


You can’t bet against your club when you play for them jeezus. Even if he’s one of the better players how can his team mates look at him the same way.

I wonder what his win/loss ratios are like :thinking:

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None of them where when he was a Brentford player

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I stand corrected fair enough, my sentiments remain though.

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Life Stories with Piers Morgan incoming :sweat_smile:

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Wonder how much he paid the doc for that ‘gambling addiction’ diagnosis.

so who is he gonna throw under the bus over this?

Ray Winstone


Peter Crouch. PLEASE


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How is it match fixing when he a.) bet on his team to win in games he was playing and b.) bet on his team to lose in games he didn’t play and couldn’t have an influence on?

Unless he agreed to share his takings with his teammates if they forced a loss.

I don’t know, it’s a stupid thing to do but ultimately it’s harmless.

If he was betting on Brentford to lose and was then scoring last minute own goals to seal the defeat etc. that would obviously be a totally different matter.

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