Ivan Gazidis


Has anyone mentioned he’s a bald cunt yet?


Signing players like Halilovic sum up the plight of Milan to be honest with you.


Who ever brought him to Milan is an arsenal legend haha


I had been pretty sympathetic to Ivan while he was here at the end of the Wenger years. However it’s pretty clear to me that he left the club in total dissaray from a contractual standpoint. We have so many players on high wages and made so many bad decisions at the high (Alexis, Özil), middle (Perez, Mustafi) and low (Asano, Sonogo) portions of our wage bill. We didn’t take any sort of dynamic steps to free up more cash like buying ourselves out of Puma or the Emirates deal to solicit offers from other sponsors and signed a new deal with Emirates which I believe prohibited a different sponsor appearing on training tops.

Overall I can admit that I was wrong about Ivan. He wasn’t some genius negotiator being stymied by Arsene, he was just an idiot.


That would make two of them for me.


I have to say, this guy and his pal Arsene have left our club in shambles. With our current financial situation, it’s becoming obvious who is to blame. The contract negotiations, overpaying average players, letting good players go on a free, all that is down to him and Arsene. Am glad he is gone but the damage he has done will probably take years for us to recover from. He is credited with some major financial deals like the Emirates deal, the Puma deal etc but I don’t think any Arsenal fan will remember him fondly. Good riddance is all I can say.


What does recovery for Arsenal actually looks like?


Not surely just 1/2 years. More likely 5.


Both Gazidis and Wenger lied to the supporters on a regular basis, making empty promises they knew they couldn’t keep.

I’m glad they’ve gone but the mess they’ve left behind, and the mess that Kroenke will continue to reign over, is ruining the club.


Yeah it’s not great is it.

Over a decade of being told we can compete and that there’s always money there for a special special player, a future that constantly looked bright with a youthful team that had talent.

It literally feels like we’ve been thrown back into the dark ages and it’s a bit scary because we have an entire new setup at the club with people we know absolutely nothing about in the grand scheme of things. So we have no real idea of which direction we’re headed in.

It feels like the only thing that could save us at this point is being bought by some mega rich billionaire and run like an oil club, the very thing we’ve strives to fight against since abramovich arrived on the scene.