Ivan Gazidis


I mean, yea. That’s correct to a large degree and I’ve hardly been shy about saying how Wenger should have been long gone and I was loudly critical of Stan and supportive of Ivan in the moves he made over the last year. So no I don’t blame Ivan alone (and hardly at all in reality).

@JakeyBoy I could have avoided it by just throwing in a gunnersaraus emoji in my initial, flippant post you responded to. :slight_smile:


Other than not loss making, this really is the only objective criticism of kroenkes imho…

And for the record, we spent what on laca and Auba? We are spending like Bayern.


Nah this is a perfect emoji face for when u make one of ur countless sexual innuendos involving Giroud.


To be fair, we also sold a lot of our first team players as well to pay for them, and we often have transfer windows where our net spend is almost nothing.

The difference between us and Bayern Munich is that they are stacked full of top quality players and winning trophies while we sell our best players and think the FA Cup is the measure of a great team.


I don’t know of anyone who thinks or has said that.




Ooft. Would be quite a coup.


No thanks


any reason?


Don’t think he’s someone who has the mentality to thrive outside of Italy in such a important role


but you cannot say that for sure until he comes here and proves himself or proves to be a waste of time that is just conjecture


Where did I state anything my post was other anything other than opinion? Of course it’s assumption based on facts.

I don’t see why any Arsenal fan would clamour for him at this point. He isn’t really a tonic to any of our issues considering his track record.

I just can’t see Marotta being a success outside of Italy and maybe Spain tbh.


Thanks Ivan.

I can finally enjoy my club again.




can’t believe some people were actually disappointed about this bald cunt leaving.


When he arrived at Arsenal we were the 3rd to 4th best team in the league. He left us the 6th best and with a tonne of work to do just to get back to where we were.


It’s interesting he’s getting this kind of blame when he would’ve essentially been a politician trying to tell an Emperor how to run his fiefdom.

There’s no way to know what he could have done had the set up been different without Wenger controlling damn near every aspect of the club and being highly resistant to change.

That’s not to say he did a good job considering the circumstances, however, it’s a caveat to bear in mind when making an evaluation.


We don’t know how much power he wielded but I’m betting it’s more than you think. StatDNA was his brainchild after all.


So according to reports this imbecile already thinks he’s qualified to make football decisions. Leonardo (who knows more about football than Gazidis could ever dream) rightfully wants to sell the inconsistent flop Calhanoglu to RB Leipzig and negotiated the move. But because the man who shouldn’t be head coach (Gattuso) doesn’t want to sell, Gazidis is backing him rather than acknowledging that these kinds of decisions can’t be made by someone who doesn’t have a long term future at the club.

Leonardo wants to trim the squad and is actively trying to get rid of Montolivo, Borini and Halilovic and is also trying to engineer Higuain’s departure if he doesn’t commit to the Milan cause.

In other words it appears he’s doing the right thing and is being opposed by the imbecile that is Gazidis. The man who has a history of backing managers not fit for the job.


Woah, wasn’t Halilovic hot property a couple of years ago?! Like the Croatian Messi? What’s happened there?